If Schwellenbach hadn't thrown 65 pitches last night

He might have been in there in the eighth tonight. But we saw Frank and Bunz instead. Oops.

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Thought the same thing and figured if they got ahead he would be in for sure and bet they were holding him for that.

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See that a lot in the big 10. Go to games at Iowa. And you will have more than one relief man playing a defensive position. A lot throws in a season.

Not sure it would’ve mattered. We look like a team of destiny.

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The Huskers had to win that game, so it’s kind of hard to second guess them for leaving their best in to make sure of having another day to play. We ended up having one more pitcher than they did-and what a pitcher!


I don’t think they would’ve won without him last night. Live to fight another day. We had more left in the tank.

Exactly. If Schwellenbach doesn’t close out game 6, there is no game 7.

Oh I agree. Bolt did what he needed to do Sunday night. DVH did what he needed to do last night. Or Kopps did what he needed to do. KK was not coming out. Sounded like Wick was ready to go, but KK said nah, I’m good to go.

If you want an if, look at the strike zone Friday afternoon when Arkansas relievers had to get help from Kopps. Tim Mattingly was the ump, same guy as the game 7 ump last night. His strike zone was much better in the Monday game than the Friday game.

And, the strike zone was crazy on Saturday night, too. If given a decent strike zone, Kopps might not have thrown so many pitches and he’d had closed out a victory on Sunday night. The Hogs had the lead and could have won if they gave him the ball in the fourth inning.


Yeah I was thinking it was the same guy as Friday. Much better strike zone last night.

Is it possible to see him available in the transfer portal? He may be attracted to large, active crowds.

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He’s a gamer for sure. Tough dude.

Schwellenbach is projected as a top-five round draft choice by MLB next month. Suspect he’ll take the money and run.

I’d prefer not to ever have another Schwellenbach. Draft or bottle , and certainly not in a can. That stuff is nasty. Left a real bad taste in my mouth. You won’t find fermented corn husks listed as an acceptable ingredient in that German beer purity law.

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