IF Sampson not locked, will we win bidding war?

Assuming he’s the guy which maybe one should not assume,

I posted earlier, “no”. We will not win a bidding war. Google Tillman Fertitta.

Jerry Jones, John Tyson, old Walmart money. Frank Fletcher For the right man, the money will be there.

Money for a coach to out bid! It will be interesting to sit back and watch but they better find a coach pretty quick. Let’s hope Houston get beats quick and we can either land Sampson or move on to the next man on line. I don’t see it being a quick fix.

I don’t think so. I saw someone earlier on one of the boards saying $4 million. Morris only makes $3.5. I can’t see us paying more for basketball than football. Not gonna say it won’t happen, but I can’t see it. JMO

Nolan was making more than Danny Ford, back in the 90’s. Different era though.

Yeah, very different, Nolan was winning a NC and Danny was trying to rebuild.

They both weren’t rebuilding.

If what Dudley and others are reporting that Arkansas is willing to pay a coach 4 million they will have a shot at some legit coaches.

See that doesn’t make sense to me. I’m not saying Dudley or any of the others are wrong, but the football program brings in waaaay more than the basketball, and you’re gonna hire a Bret to run the basketball program hoping he succeeds. Yeah, I wanna see the complaining about the buyouts in five years. Destined to fail.

It also sends the message, AR is more interested in resurrecting the basketball program than the football. And we are in the SEC SMDH

That’s what happens when a puppet is the AD.

By firing Anderson, the University will either have to overpay for a coach or go cheap with an up and comer. No established coach will touch this job unless he gets top dollar. Whether we like Anderson’s tenure here or not, the floor has been set. Do a lot better or be shown the door. Otherwise, why fire Anderson?

I think you’re 100% on the money, however we fired Bret and was willing to go top dollar for Gus, how’d that work out. I realistically don’t see Sampson, Beard, or Buzz coming here, I do see them all getting pay raises. I also see our “big money” for a name coach dwindling and we end up with an up and comer, and those that wanted Mike gone will be against him from Day 1, as will those that wanted Mike to stay.

I will only be against the new coach if he is a known cheater. Otherwise I’ll give the man a chance, just as I did Heath (who I thought was a great hire; shows what I knew) and Pelphrey (who was clearly Plan C but you hoped he had learned from Eddie Munster and could get it right).