If Sampson is ultimately the guy

…then I will be rooting for Kentucky to eliminate Houston from the tourney, so we can get him in place asap.

The man cheats too much for my liking but I don’t do the hiring. Welcome to a few more years of bottom dwelling in the SEC.

He is “KING of the PHONE CALLS” cheaters…big crime :sunglasses:

I’ve warmed up to Sampson. I think he’s learned his lesson. No doubt he’s a top five coach in the NCAA. He’s old but his show cause gave him the opportunity to learn under Popp and some others.

I really don’t want to be rule benders but I’ve kind of turned my head to the 15 4-stars we’ve signed in football this year.

Pretty bummed about Mike. Not as bad as a death in the family but it’s a chapter of Hog basketball that’s closed forever.

Hopefully Scotty is retained in some sense.

But if the rumor is true UA is wiling to up the ante to 4 mill :shock: …
…then it ain’t Sampson. I’ve also seen some good points made as to why it’s not Sampson…sooo I dunno :?