If Sam, I Am

The Man why the wait today, NOW???

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Well Mike I assume things had to play out as always. There are a lot of things to digest and consider in a coaching search, a lot of opinions to be heard, and a lot of posturing to be done on many levels.

The potential hiring of Eliah Drinkwitz must have fallen through and we went down to the next guy on the list. If this is what happened, then HY has to make his deal. You can’t do it in 15 minutes.

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Takes over 3 weeks to get down to #46 on your list

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Unbelievable all you people know how to do is bitch!


Most stupid fans in the world. Most have no clue.


Must be true!

That may be true, but not liking the truth does not make it less the truth.

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I have this feeling that we got the man that we needed. Don’t except him to have a long tenure (hope I am wrong); 5 years probably, but that is a time that can right the ship. we will look back and be very glad we had him.

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