If Saban wins Nat Title Game this year?

I live in SC. Sadly I’ve been to more clemson games than Hog games the past few years. I’m now lucky enough to have married a clemson grad

Clemson is absolutely printing money right now and Dabo is a huge part of that. If I’m not mistaken he has the highest paid D.C. in the country. Clemson has done every single thing he’s asked. They now have a water slide in their football complex. He’s a pilar in the community, especially the community of faith.

I suppose I should say never say never, but I find it hard to see Dabo leaving clemson for another college, even Bama. Especially to follow Nick Saban.

He owns the upstate right now and is a recruiting machine.

I want Saban to retire because I am tired of them winning every year, but I don’t see it happening for another 4 or 5 years as some on here have said. Let’s look at what Bama has done under Saban in SEC play. It’s truly amazing…

Check out Bama’s streaks since Saban joined the Tide.

Bama is now 43 -5 in the SEC over the last 6 seasons.
Those 5 loses were by a combined TOTAL of 26 points. This included:
9-6 loss to LSU in 2011 (LSU was #1)
Kick Six to the Barners in 2013
2015: 7 point loss to Ole Miss when Bama turned the ball over 5 times
Bama has a least a 2 game winning streak or more against everyone in the SEC but Ole Miss and USCe.

Bama vs. the SEC last 10 years win streak (ten year record):

vs. Arkansas 10 game win streak (last ten years 10-0)
vs. Tennessee 10 game (10-0)
vs. State 9 game (9-1)
vs. LSU 6 game (8-3) (Played twice in 2011, one for NC)
vs. Florida 5 game (5-1)
vs. Kentucky 4 game (4-0)
vs. A&M 4 game (4-1)
vs. Georgia 3 game (3-1)
vs. Auburn 3 game (7-3)
vs. Vandy 2 game (2-0)
vs. Missouri 2 game (2-0)
vs. Ole Miss 1 game (8-2)
vs. South Carolina 1 game losing streak (1-1) (Haven’t played since 2010)

I agree that Dabo is doing some amazing things at Clemson. IMO, he’s an elite coach and more importantly, by all accounts, a GREAT person. A coach I would let my son play for. I’ll tell you right now, if I could go back to my glory days of high school football and had the privilege of being recruited by major schools, Clemson would be my #2 school right behind my beloved Razorbacks. I have a family member who played at Clemson and must say it’s a special place on Saturday nights in the fall.

http://www.postandcourier.com/sports/cl … user-share

CLEMSON — It was only a matter of time until Clemson gave Dabo Swinney a raise and an extension for delivering the university its second national championship in program history. Friday they came.

The Clemson board of trustees compensation committee officially approved a new deal for the Tigers’ head football coach, one that runs eight years and will pay him an average of $6.75 million a year through 2024. That average is up from the $5.33 million average a year he was expected to make through his existing contract before Friday and brings his new total to $54 million over the years through base salary, supplemental pay, licensing and signing bonuses.

As it pertains to average salary per year, Swinney is now the third-highest paid coach in all of college football, only behind Alabama’s Nick Saban ($8.1 million a year) and Michigan’s Jim Harbaugh ($7.6 million a year). Ohio State’s Urban Meyer will make an average of $6.6 million a year and Florida State’s Jimbo Fisher will make an average of $5.7 million a year to round out the top five.

“I just want to say, we’re incredibly excited about being able to get Dabo a new contract,” Clemson athletic director Dan Radakovich said. “He means so much to our athletic department, to our university, to our community. He and (wife) Kathleen are just incredible ambassadors for this institution.”

Not including incentives, Swinney will make:

$6 million in 2017 (up from $4.8 million)
$6.2 million in 2018
$6.2 million in 2019
$6.3 million in 2020
$6.4 million in 2021
$6.5 million in 2022
$6.6 million in 2023
$6.6 million in 2024
His raise comes on the heels of Clemson’s January national championship, when the Tigers knocked off Saban and behemoth Alabama 35-31 in Tampa, Fla. for the school’s first title in more than three decades. The 47-year-old Swinney is 54-15 overall as Clemson’s head coach since 2008 with a .783 winning percentage. Through his incentives package a season ago, Swinney made $1.4 million extra for postseason success, in addition to his regular salary.

His new contract will award him the following incentives through 2024:

$75,000 or $100,000 depending on if Clemson meets a certain Academic Progress Rate
$50,000 for an ACC championship appearance, plus $150,000 more for a win
$50,000 for eight regular seasons wins and a non-CFP Bowl Game appearance
$100,000 for a New Year’s 6 Bowl Game appearance
$200,000 for a CFP Semifinal apperance
$200,000 for a national championship appearance
$250,000 for a national championship
$25,000 for ACC Coach of the Year award or $50,000 for National Coach of the Year award
Swinney will receive a $1.5 million signing bonus in September, a $1 million signing bonus in March of 2019 and a $700,000 signing bonus in March of 2021.
Should Swinney leave Clemson before Dec. 31 of 2017 for another job, he would owe the university a $6 million buyout, which is the heftiest buyout in the nation among the top five paid coaches. Should he leave before Dec. 31 of 2018, he would owe $6 million. That buyout reduces to $4 million if he departs before Dec. 31 of 2019, $3 million before Dec. 31 of 2020, $2 million before Dec. 31 of 2021, $1 million before Dec. 31 of 2022 and $1 million before Dec. 31 of 2023.

For context: If Saban leaves Alabama this year, he would owe the university $0. Swinney would owe $6 million to Clemson. By agreeing to such substantial buyout terms, Swinney is making an obvious statement of his loyalty to Clemson’s program and his intentions of remaining the university’s head coach for the long haul. [/size]

Nick is locked up through 2025 with the new contract he signed in May. He’s going no where soon unless he just wants to retire.

When Saban does retire, the next coach will get 10 plus million a year and there is not a buyout too large for the Bammers to pay in order to get who they want.

Rumor is that Saban has reached out to Freeze 3x to try to woo him to his staff…Can’t blame him. Freeze knows the OM system and beat Saban 2 of the last 3 years… He hired Kiffin, so what the hell!!!

Freeze is probably not tied up on the phone nearly as much now as before so he can answer the other call from Saban.