If Our Offense Wakes Up Tonight, We Win NC

It’s that simple. We have to hit their pitching & close the hitting gap from the first two games. I said it last night that we can’t expect our pitching to hold OSU to 1-2runs in a game. They’ve got three first round picks this year in that lineup.

We’re looking at too many called strikes with a liberal strike zone, and we need to be jumping on those early count strikes to rattle their pitchers. Gotta get aggressive at the plate! Put the ball in play & quit waiting for the perfect pitch!

Tonight the game will be won or lost at the plate for the Hogs. Our pitchers have done a good job with the OSU lineup. It’s up to our bats tonight.

I totally agree but for that to happen you have to take the bat off your shoulder!!better hope Reindl puts on his big boy pants and throws like he’s capable instead of a little girl!