If Odom is still here, is he staying?

I’m thinking positive every day but will feel better when he signs a new deal w us.

Open up the check book. Head coaching salaries are going thru the roof. Unbelievable.

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Pretty sure Odom is still getting paid by Missouri. Every dollar we pay him could offset what Missouri still owes him. I think Missouri owed him 2.85 million and his contract was through 2024.

It was 2.85 over 5 years, so around 570,000 a yr. He hasnt received a penny from Mizzou since he became the DC

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I think you might be right. I thought the money was guaranteed but after reading a few more articles, that might not be true.

Odom got a new multi-year contract earlier this year. I don’t expect assistants to get a new contract every offseason.

I completely agree as a general rule would not expect assistants to get a new contract every year.

I wonder if possible in the case of a well regarded DC should there be interest in him after this season just as there was in him after last season.

Do assistants, particularly coordinators, have incentives built into their contracts like CSP? That could help.

I seem to remember a coach in the past sharing some if his incentive/bonus money with assistants. Something about letting them share in the bounty for retention purposes.

Assistants receive bonuses. Very few have incentives that trigger pay raises. Some have pay raises that hit if they stay for a certain amount of time.

Odom makes $1.75 million per year before bonuses. His salary is not scheduled to increase.

I bet they all get pay raises , most likely after the coaches conventions early next year. We will see.

I am sure they get a pay raise if another school offers more $ snd they would stay for a raise

Odom plays a big part in our success, sure hope he knows how much we appreciate him !! WPS

Deservedly so. He has been of immeasurable value to CSP personally as well as professionally. No way to put a price on it. He is a Razorback with Mizzou background. We need him and I believe his importance far exceeds the normal estimation of a Coordinator.

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