If not the Hogs then who

Yes I am all hogs, but if they are not playing I like to see Air Force and Iowa win. Who are your step children teams?

I root for Army and Anyone playing Texas, Notre Dame, Ohio State and USC

Don’t like any team that doesn’t have a Hog on the helmet, 'only other team I’m interested in is one whose winning or losing will help the Hogs.

SMU for sure and OU and Notre Dame, sort of.

Benton Panthers for me.

And I’m an old Dollarway dude so I like them to win too…

Army, Navy, Air Force and anyone playing Texas or Bama!

Navy of course…I also like Ga Tech because I love seeing teams try to figure out the triple option. For some reason I like Stanford as well.

I don’t like them but I admire Bama and what they are as a program.

Harding then Clemson

Anybody playing Tennessee

Iowa State - Big 12

Purdue- Big Ten

I know I’m a glutton for punishment

USF for me

Florida A&M, TCU, Texas A&M, and New Mexico State

CSU, Army, Navy, and Air Force. Those last three certainly represent the best of the best, and when they finish, they are laying it on the line really for us.

Army, Navy, Air Force, Georgia Tech (I love the triple option), Arkansas Tech, and root against all Arkansas opponents plus OU, Texas, Notre Dame and USC. Enjoy a great game no matter who’s playing unless LSU is in it (or they’re playing Troy!).