If Mullen is indeed headed Gator land,

and Tennessee has hired Schiano, those are blessings for our search. Other than the aTm fallback plan in Morris, we won’t have as much to worry about against the other SEC programs (save aTm). This gives our “committee” more time and leverage in these cramped time spaces.

Stay positive.


This is a blessing, everything works out, we will get a good coach.

I certainly hope so the fans need to have something to be excited about heading into next season!

One hurdle though…we need the Sumlin to Arizona State to come true…

Sumlin hasn’t been fired in College Station yet, folks. The reports that he’s waiting to be fired and collect his $10 million buyout may or may not be true. The Gagme fan base will revolt if it doesn’t happen, but we’ve seen that before.

http://www.espn.com/college-football/st … ix-seasons

Happy now?


When I posted, he hadn’t been fired yet. Things change, believe it or not. He won his game of financial chicken with the A&M? AD.

A&M is going to shoot high, they think they can pull any big fish, so by the time the strike out , we should have our man…

They had Jimbo Fisher they think before they fired Sumlon

I agree those hires are good for us in that they leave our supposed targets all in play for us. But I do think that Florida could be scary good under Mullen.

Imahog, that’s very likely. What Mullen accomplished
in Starkville is nothing short of amazing.

I hate they lost that game to ole-cheat-miss.

My pure speculation is that the NCAA poking around Mississippi put a damper, if not kibosh, on the ability to “steer” talent to both OM and MSU. Both looked a lot more talented over the past few years than they have in recent memory (in MSU’s case…ever!).

I wonder if MSU would just sit around and play the losing role in the massacre of the innocents while their hated rival racks up talent and wins? Sure would be a lot of temptation to keep up with the Jones’.

If this hypothesis is true, talented recruiting classes will not occur as frequently, wins will not be as common, and your old AD calling from UF looks a lot more appealing.

Mullen to Florida is a big time hire.

Florida is gonna be a monster elite program again.