If Mason doesn't come back do we have one spot open?

Not sure if I’m counting right.

No, that spot was taken by Tate.

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So your math is that IJ is gone and could be replaced by Haarms?

I don’t believe we have another spot at this time, here is the roster as of now (what I believe is scholarship only):

  1. Joe
  2. Sills
  3. Chaney
  4. Henderson
  5. Notae
  6. Vanover
  7. Iyiola

Edit: Not counting Mason or Harris who are still technically on the team until classes are done this Spring, or the graduating SR’s: Whitt, Bailey, Cylla.


  1. Davis


  1. Moody
  2. Williams
  3. Robinson
  4. Jackson
  5. Tate

A lot of people forget about Iyiola (and I’m not even sure if I got the spelling right, guy Dudley calls Bay Bay). I know i mentioned him last week in another thread and a few people said they’d forgotten he was on the roster.


Oh and Swine, I think that would be a very interesting development. Very interesting

I think you directed that at me from another thread.

I don’t think it is IJ. I am not getting a good feel for what Isaiah will do like I did for Mason, I think he is undecided at this time. Muss has hinted he will test NBA waters, but I think he comes back in the end. I think Mason just wants to turn pro somewhere. I think Isaiah wants NBA. That is the feeling I get.

But there are a lot whispers elsewhere that another spot might open up. I am saying if that does open up, I hope we land Haarms.

Always felt that Muss wanted to get a true big from the transfer portal. Jackson is definitely not that true big.

No we don’t have another spot. Someone else has to leave to fit in Haarms or anyone else.

Haarms is from the Netherlands by the way, as the spelling of his name suggests. I can only think of one European player we’ve had, Rimac on the NC team (he almost doesn’t count because he was an exchange student in Fayetteville). We’ve had Africans and Canadians but only Davor from Europe.

That’s not what I meant by interesting. If Haarms were to commit (and I don’t think he will) and Joe leaves, I can see a starting lineup of:

PG - Tate - 6’6 (he’s not a PG, but he can handle the ball)
Moody - 6’6 (7 ft plus wingspan, and in my opinion he’s a better scorer and ball handler than Joe, but if Joe returns he has more understanding of the offense, is a better shooter, and will start over Moody)
Jackson - 6’9 (7ft plus wingspan, can also handle the ball)
Vanover - 7’3 (very long and a stretch 4)
Haarms - 7’3 (better banger than Vanover)

With that lineup you can basically shoot over everyone, and you have a lot of length defensively. But obviously Haarms has to commit and someone has to leave for that to happen.

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