If Mark Stoops can do it

at Kentucky then Chad Morris can do it here. Its gonna require patience and some time. Let him get what he needs

It’s definitely going to take time. If CM turns turns this around in a couple of years they should build a statue of him. He has a tough job ahead.

Year six.

https://www.sports-reference.com/cfb/co … ops-1.html

A lot of people like to reference CBP, but the cupboard wasn’t totally bare when he got here and then his first recruiting class was really good. Actually, that’s the class that had us ranked as high as #5 in the country. If he can pull off two good recruiting classes back to back and get some key transfers I believe year 3 we will see the shift. We have to be patient.

Agree - I’m not expecting a .500 record until year three, but I do expect to see gradual improvement on the field and in recruiting.