If Lane Kiffin wins 10 games he's gone

USC Trojans and LSU will back up the Brinks truck!!

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Was surfing some LSU message boards earlier, and yes, Kiffin’s name is being tossed around among fans as Ed O’s successor.

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I think Kiffin has already coached at USC with a negative outcome. I would think USC will look elsewhere.


I’ve always been a Kiffin fan. I think LSU is viable, and maybe Jacksonville.

USC is not in the equation. At least I cannot imagine how it’d be. They fired him unceremoniously only a few years ago.

LSU, well, maybe. LSU has a history of taking coaches who once coached at Ole Miss. Not sure if Kiffin would do that. He might. LSU offers a better chance for a natty than OM. And would create one more SEC fan base that just loathes him. (TN being the other one.). But as for money, OM has as much as LSU. Every SEC school has money now–at least for football coaches.

I’ve NEVER been a Kiffin fan, and this is one BIG reason why.

I’m an ARKANSAS fan. That’s what I care most about. And the last thing we needed in this coaching cycle was anyone…Nick Saban…Bear Bryant…Knute Rockne…anyone…to come in here and leave in 2 or 3 years.

Now, Kiffin may stay at Ole Miss after this season (almost assuredly, unless LSU comes calling…and that won’t happen unless they strike out with Jimbo Fisher and James Franklin), but you just know he won’t be there very long. When an elite College football opportunity - or, the NFL - comes calling, he’s gone. Wait and see.

With Kiffin, it was always that he’d either get your program in trouble somehow, leave after just a couple of years…or, both.

LK is not a good offensive coordinator - he’s elite. I’ve always acknowledged that. But it doesn’t matter if he does either of the two things I feel certain he would do if given the Arkansas job. So I have never wanted him.

Besides which, I’m just tickled pink with Sam and would prefer him if both were available at the same salary and for 10 years on the job. Truth.


USC has gone through several ADs who weren’t ready for the job, including the one who hired/fired Laney. Not sure the current AD is any better. They might also deem him rehabilitated by his sentence in the Saban School for Fired Coaches. Then again, they might be waiting for Shad Khan to run Urban Blight out of Jacksonville so they can snap him up.

Hope he goes to the NFL -

Not sure that I don’t want him to stay at Ole Miss. I see Sam building something with staying power. See Lane being more the quick fix kind of guy, who misses some important steps that eventually rear their head. Corral is the type of player that can cover a lot team and coaching deficiencies.

Good point. Remember when HDN went to OM he inherited a QB and won a lot of games. Then he had to recruit his own. Uh, not so much.

If Kiffen was to go to LSU and I do not see that happening but a ten win season will get your agent a call. But if he did , he would keep Coach O as they are best of friends. Combo of elite talent and offensive guru and what happened two years ago would have greater likelihood than anytime before that Nat Championship.

However, I am not sure Ole Miss gets ten wins yet

That would be a strange setup. Has there ever been a head coach fired but kept on staff at the same school as an assistant/coordinator? Working for the person who took his job? Wondering if that’s happened and how it worked out.

Not sure that would work at LSU, fan base seems to be pretty upset with Ed O and want him gone. Pretty hardcore down there, don’t see a forgive and make up after the disaster their season is shaping up to be, friend of LK or not.

BTW, I saw one poster throw out Gus Malzahn’s name, they’re probably still putting out the flames from the heat rounds they took, lol.

Gruden just fired in Vegas. Maybe Laney will consider that job as well…

I’m sure glad we didn’t hire him when he was almost shoo-in when he wanted so bad all those times he wanted it :rofl:

I’ll second that thought. I don’t want the Lane track to make a pit stop on the hill either! He may leave the Ole Miss players on the locker room of a bowl game at halftime for another job of the money is right!

Personally I think he’s changed. He has it made at ole miss. His family likes the town and another million or two don’t matter, with the pressures that come with LSU. He can recruit and get whatever qb he wants. So I don’t see him leaving for at least 5 years.

Txkanahog, I agree with you . Kiffen has an opportunity to be a long time successful coach at Ole Miss if he wants it but if LSU came open he would listen for sure.

The one thing about Ole Miss for Kiffen is this. He was frustrated last week that they had not sold out the Arkansas game after trying hard for three weeks to do so. They had two nationally ranked teams playing in same division, a focus on winning after what Arkansas had done year before, national tv audience, homecoming, great weather day for tailgating in Grove and potential Heisman candidate leading the team and still 10-15% short of sell out. Does not get any better than that for sellout. Then he sees probably sees the crowd in Fayetteville this weekend and Knoxville too. Ole Miss fans are like TAM Aggies , they are consistent and do not change. LSU fans same.

There should not be an SEC game before 2:30 anywhere, it effects the crowds. This will be 3 in a row for us and next week makes 4. I’m sure that has something to do with the crowds plus the got spanked at Alabama too.

That’s not going to change. In fact it will probably get worse with UT and OU in the league. That will be up to 16 games to put somewhere on nonconference weekends, and 8 games when everyone is in league play. ABC/ESPN only have so many game slots to put all that football and some of them are gonna have to be noonish Eastern. The alternative would be starting like 9 Eastern which no one would like either.

The problem with that is you eliminate time slots for TV. It’s difficult enough when 2 SEC games go head to head. Eliminating 2 early time slots means there are only 2 slots per network. With 14–soon to be 16–SEC teams, that means 8 or more games per week involving SEC teams. It’d take 4 networks to cover them all & you’d always have 4 games competing with each other.

I’m no fan of the 11:00 a.m. starts–at least at home–but I understand why they’re necessary.