If Kiffin says no

Which I would doubt, then we need to look at Drinkwitz instead of Butch Davis! He is 76 would be oldest coach in SEC. Butch time to be HC has come and gone. I just don’t think he could compete with others on recruiting trail.

Butch is 68. Still hard to seeing a coach at that age taking over a program that’s in a serious rebuilding mode.

Agree Richard! But lot of difference between 68 and 76 as I was told. Thanks for info!

If Kiffin says no, or they say no to Kiffin, then Leach is the next man up.

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Look at Mack Brown at NC!! He’s 68, took over a 2 win team and has them in a bowl. Butch makes more sense that most anyone.

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Not saying it’s not possible but you don’t hear 68 year olds taking over programs very often.

Don’t want Leach. We would get killed in SEC against Leach no defense!

Drinkwitz coached at Alma and Springdale from 2005-2009 and graduated from Arkansas Tech magna cum lauda and was their
student body president. He was highly successful as an offensive coordinator at Boise State and NC State prior to becoming head coach at App State. He is obviously bright and affable; however, his recruiting acumen and a single year as a head coach raise serious questions
with many decision makers. He will not be at App State for much longer.

Winning record against Kyle Wittingham

Winning record against Lane Kiffin

Winning record against Matt Campbell

11 win season at Washington State

Two nine win seasons in Pullman

Barry Switzer and Steve Spurrier are not idiots.

Hire the Pirate!


All depends on how much control the BOT has over this process & outcome. The admins. will not agree to Leach. Not sure they would even agree to Kiffin.

Then there should be no question why we suck at football and should just accept our fate.

After reading today’s Chris Jackson’s article (opinion) regarding the Coaching Search & if what he states is even partially true, not sure what to expect. Believe HY can get it done if the BOT will trust him & stop meddling.

They better start agreeing fast next few days are gonna be a whirlwind and hope we don’t get left at the alter

This is my concern. With all of these openings and potential openings, we might find ourselves at the dance holding a beautiful bouquet of flowers and no one to give them to.

I fear the problem is our flowers are wilted and we have some folks in HY way who know nothing.

Exhibit A…the last 2 years!

Ron Rivera is available.

I love the character of each and everyone of y’all. Not since the early days of Frank as an AD have I seen this level of support for our AD during a stressful period. It is a good feeling. All of us trust and are just hoping for the best. We all know what is at stake. Airplane watching is fun. I love the rumors. I love the fact that we have a staff that takes their job seriously and are true professionals. Above all, I am most proud that we are not divided as we once were. I think we have learned.

Hiring Butch Davis would make absolutely ZERO sense. People moaned and groaned about the game passing by a 63 yr old John Chavis, but then you turn around and hire a 68 old HC…Hmmmm…completely idiotic!

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Wait a minute 76…I’m also 68 and pretty spire for and old guy. But your point is well taken. I retired 2 1/2 years ago from a job with a lot of responsibilities and pressure. I’ve not looked back once and realized at the end that year the fire I had the last 30 years was just not there as strong. Once you’ve climbed those mountains it’s hard to start up another. At least for me. Good point IMO.