IF KB goes, who's the next OC?

here are their highlights this yr.

I think CSP would seriously consider Jim Chaney

Not at chaney’s age nor the game as it is played today. Now as an analyst? Maybe.

No idea what his personal inclinations would be, but Sam could give BLJ a serious raise over what Bret is paying him in Champaign, which is $800K.

It isn’t the raise. Lunney like briles want to position themselves to be the replacement for Sam when he retires.

He is currently an analyst at Georgia Tech I think…if he were brought in as an “analyst” would CSP defer to him a lot?

I don’t think the coach in waiting thing works any more. It’s fallen apart too many times. I’m sure BLJ, and KB both, would like to be a head coach some day, but it’s probably not going to be replacing their current or future boss. Do a good enough job as an OC or DC, someone else will come looking. Like Bret’s DC taking over at Purdue. The next question is, does being an SEC OC position you better than a B1G OC? I don’t know the answer to that. Probably depends on your results wherever; Ryan Walters got promoted because the Illinois defense last year was outstanding. Barry’s offense, better but not super, although he produced a top-3 NCAA rushing leader.

Agreed. Lunney isn’t coming back. At least not right now.

I would add recruiting and QB development as additional reqs for Sam. Our track record for developing NFL ready QBs is terrible. Granted, Sam just got here, but that has to be a priority in my mind. And if Briles does leave, it will be interesting to see who the new guy fancies in recruiting.

I don’t have any names but I would like someone that will run a bootleg RPO with KJ so he has open field in front of him with the option to pass. We have a very good running QB but it seems like we want him to run up the middle or at least between the tackles a lot.

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That is a very good play often you can drag the tight end from the back side across the middle,usually wide open but KJ could take off and run with it as well if he chose to

If Briles goes I think KJ and Sanders go with him

Things didn’t exactly end all rainbows and sunshine with Sam and Barry either.

I’d guess the “For Sale” sign at Dowell’s place comes down. Can’t imagine he signed anything that would preclude that move.

Interesting idea and makes some sense. Trey Knox would flip out if so.

Would Phil longo move from Wisconsin to arkansas? Familiar with criswell while at UNC

Jeff Lebby is Kendal’s brother in law over at Oklahoma. I know he is an alum of them but would he move?

Who is ole miss OC? Gets you back in game with walker white.

We need someone who runs something similar to what Briles runs, which in my untrained eyes, is about 50% of college football. Briles is gone, so Sam has to have had an idea, as this has been in play since last Saturday.


Yeah I agree with that. Whole lot of RPO out there. Better short yardage package, maybe better use of the tight end.

I noticed some NFL teams getting real cute in short yardage situations this week. My brother texted me after one such failure, “Did they hire Briles last night?”

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name from the past?tim horton?know hes a good recruiter;has been under gus for a little while(only drawback)is now the OC at Air Force if not mistaken and knows what being a Razorback means…can even throw in some old triple option if needed…just a name to mention dont know if serious candidate

Nope. Ship has sailed

No they’re not.

KJ just signed a nice NIL deal as well as Sanders.

Plus, it would take Rocket even farther from his son than he already is.

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