If JWill gets 8 rebounds against Gonzaga

He’ll set the school record for most rebounds in a season. Derek Hood holds the record with 349 in 1998-99.

He’s turned into a rebounding machine.


What’s the record for double-doubles in a season?

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Normally has great defensive positioning, instincts, and hands.

Hood had 18 double-doubles in that 98-99 season. Dean Tolson is known to have had 16 dub-dubs in 1973-74, but the information from that era is sketchy; he may have had more. Moses Kingsley had 16 in 2015-16. JWill’s 15 this year ties him with Joe Kleine in 1983-84 and Tolson in 1972-73.

So we’d have to reach the NCG for JWill to break that record.

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