If Joe and Jones come back will it affect Moody and KK signing

I really do expect Isaiah and Mason to come back which is going to create a huge log jam at guard if all are signees do sign. Just wondering if it might affect either Moses or KK as far as signing. We sure do need both of them.

I would certainly hope not. Neither one of those guys are 1 and done type of players and would probably push for playing time and contribute greatly during their freshman season and probably start as sophomores.

In my opinion there is maybe a 50-50 chance those two are back.

I don’t think Mason is thinking NBA as Step One. His eyes are probably set on Europe or G League and then try to work into NBA like Dusty is trying to do. I don’t think staying one more year changes any of that.

Isaiah is still projected as first or second rounder in the draft depending on what site you look at. While we are concerned about him being able to dribble and take it to the hoop, don’t think NBA is concerned about that based on draft projections. NBA probably loves his shot and range. Going to the hoop is probably not in his DNA and needs to be developed and he can do that in NBA without having to worry about going to school.

One thing that changes all this is if these two think getting a college degree now is more important than getting it later.

Regardless, as Dudley has said those two will declare without signing with an agent and see what evaluation they get.

As far Moses and KK not signing early, I don’t think Moses signing has anything to do with Joe and Jones. Moses is just waiting for a better offer and if that offer means guaranteed playing time. If not, he is coming here. Muss has won over Moses and his parents like rest of the state.

As far as KK and also Williams, I am puzzled why they did not sign early. I know there is a Auburn connection for Williams and appeal of Kansas for KK, but I still don’t get it.

Should not matter. There will be competition for playing time anywhere they go unless it is some program with a lack of talent. They got an opportunity to play at home and be a folk hero.

If I were a NBA GM, no way would I spend a first round pick on Joe. His game is not fully developed and he’s way to skinny to last a game let alone 80 in the NBA.

I think for Joe it may be a question of whether thinks it’s reasonably certain he will be a first rounder this year. If the answer is yes, I think he probably goes, as it’s hard to make a case for him going from low first round this year to even mid first round next year. If he thinks he will be a second rounder or un-drafted, I think he probably stays and tries to improve his stock.

Jones is having enough monster games to make me think he probably will leave, even if he does not land on an NBA roster. I think another year under Muss would polish his game, but he may figure he can get close similar developmental help elsewhere and get paid well while doing so.

I don’t think most here get what the NBA does with the draft. In many cases, they do not draft a player for immediate playing time. I think they look at the future development for many of their draftees. They do not play a full roster, at least not very often. And, they do draft role players. Long range shooting ability is a huge priority. There is a role for a spot up shooter in the NBA. Not all on the floor have to be slashers. I will point to Steve Kerr as proof of that. How long did he play in the league and do only one thing, catch and shoot from distance?

Spot on.

Most don’t realize what it means to not having to go to school and have all your time available to develop that game.

Also there are coaches in the NBA or G League that can develop players as well or better than Muss. Remember Muss was one of those coaches,

Of course, there has to be some team that must want you for all this to work out.

Sorry guys. But is Joe worth tens of millions over the long haul? Worth a first round pick to spend a year or two in the G League developing? Nope.

I’m sure a team would feel it’s worth $10M over his first 4 year contract if they expected him to be a 20 minute player 2 years from now. $2M each for the first 2 years of his contract is less than 2% of their annual (ridiculous) salary cap of $110M a year.

Those dollars are based on him being a low first round pick. High 2nd round pick would be considerably less.

Surely they will stay in the fold, they will add quality depth to a very short experienced bench. We get our bigs on the court next season and have depth at the guard position where Joe and Jones don’t have to play so many minutes they will get open more and hit more shots without having to deal with tired legs. I think being physically and mentally tired with nagging injuries is taking its toll on our guys play just as many fans predicted early on. WPS

Yes, we will have more eligible capable players on the bench next year. Question is whether Muss will use more than 8. Using a rotation of 8 has been his MO and he says that is what he likes.

I am intrigued to see what he does with the rotation next year and if he plays man defense when Vanover is on the floor.

lots of interesting questions Muss will have to answer next yr,but this is a great problem to have espcially after what he has had to go through this yr.

Yes sir next year will be very interesting, if he can build the fight and never quit attitude in the next year roster he has in this one we will be tough. WPS

We can t question the fight the hogs are playing with! The players are dealing with mental fatigue late in games and just simply making bad decisions at times that lead to TO’s! Confirmed by the 7 TO’s Mason Jason has against South Carolina.
I would hope just having a run protector will make a huge difference. It will for sure make the 3 easier on shooters to have more space to get them off.
Maybe if he has quality depth CEM might go 10 deep!

The 2020/21 lineup Playing Time will be mainly divided among:

7’0 Conner Vanover ©
6’10 Jaylin Williams (PF)
6’6 Moses Moody (SF) backup Devonte Davis
6’5 Mason Jones (SG) backup KK Robinson
6’3 JD Notae (PG) backup Desi Sills

Transfer: Ethan Henderson, Jalen Harris & Reggie Chaney

NBA: Isaiah Joe

If Jones and Joe return, we will have a formidable back court. Both Sills and Harris will play and provide leadership, defense, ball handling, and add 10-14 points a game. The talented freshmen will have to earn playing time. The transfers Vanover and Notae should contribute immediately.

The fact that Muss has never played over 7-8 players probably has more to do with his talent level falling out when he went over 8 in his rotations. He should have at least 10 players (and maybe more) who are good enough to earn minutes. Nolan’s championship team had a deep and skilled roster. He could go big or he could play small ball. Muss won’t have that level of talent next year, but he definitely will have plenty to challenge for the SEC title. And if the freshman are as good as advertised, we can make a deep run in the Big Dance.

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I would be fine with that but I do not want Chaney leaving. I think he’s just now starting to figure out hey, I can be a factor on this team, and I can become important.

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Having NBA first-hand experience I’d say the most valuable info concerning availability and the choice effect could be learned/taught from Coach Muss.IMO

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