If it's Drinwitz

That would be the best news of the night.

Regardless of who it is. If it’s not a big name, or LK. It’s pretty clear we do not care about doing what it takes to win in the SEC.

Never thought so before, but we need out of the SEC, if we aren’t going to commit to win. The last coaching hire and the one that is about to happen (the way it looks atleast) show we aren’t.

Our board is more concerned over having a preacher than a coach.

We need to get the Hell out of the league if we hire a damn position coach from anywhere.

We are a joke if it happens

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You like to tease bakedhog…

Which is okay…

Ok Baked…

You’ve been dropping cryptic comments for days.

Time to put it on the line. Who do you keep referring to?

Not going to be fair for you to come in after it’s over and claim you knew all along. Man up!

I’m not claiming he will be great. He may potentially be good. It’s a huge risk.

But I do think he’s impressive. He’s a very good recruiter. He leaves a great impression on every person he meets, including HS coaches and players. And his love for the Hogs is a plus, in my opinion, but I get why some people think that’s silly.

I don’t put the last two games this season on him at all. I know you do. I don’t think Saban could’ve turned that sinking ship around in two weeks. I don’t put anything into that.

But please don’t think I’m defending this mess. I’m just defending him a little. I still hope it’s something else!

That’s not accurate at all. I have stated for weeks, that there would be more issues if we fired Morris than people wanted to admit, and we might be seeing those issues.

I agree with you.

While not close to my choice, I don’t think he’ll be bad like others claim.

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I would prefer lunney over Morris, so I guess there’s that. I had enough of chad Morris non competiting football teams.

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What exactly isn’t accurate though? I said several thiNgs

So should we have kept him? I was not in the fire Morris camp until the MSU and WK games, I just didn’t see any way you could keep him with how the team was playing.

You are 100% right Jackson. We will continue to be laughed at and will keep having the type of records we have had the last 3 yrs. we will never come out of this mess. I have been a hog fan since 1965 when I was a kid this is the most frustrated and disappointed I have ever been.

It’s not accurate that the BOT aren’t willing to pony up the money, but there are limitations to those funds and other issues.

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They may be willing to pony up, but they have proven they are not willing to make necessary hires, if the coach has so much as missed 2 Sunday’s in a row from church.

I’m on the fence with that, but ultimately he probably needed to be fired. But I also believe a lot of misconceptions and other factors outside his control got him fired.

Musselman was a necessary hire after we got rid of Anderson. Most are willing to do what’s necessary.

In the last 30-45 mins I’ve heard five-six names. All of the names are coming from legit sources. I have no clue haha, but the names:

Kiffin - we won the bidding war - also heard we didn’t
Drink - heard he’s the new coach - also heard he isn’t
Lunney - heard he’s the coach - heard he’s not
Harsin - same thing
Pittman - yes, you’re reading that
Leach - surprise

Well this is turning out like the basketball hire in 2007. Couldn’t get anyone to take it, hired Pel, doomed the program for years to come (we still haven’t gotten over it).

We didn’t have a choice but to fire Morris in my opinion. No way you can let a coach stay with a team that is worse in year two than it was before you fired the other coach (and I don’t just mean record, the record was, to me, the least important factor).

So we are just doomed. Sad day. Both my parents are rolling in their graves and my friends from other SEC schools are laughing (that last part is actually true, when I told a Ole Miss friend what was going on he laughed out loud and said “well, we are going to get better and y’all are going to continue to suck,”

Muss was a good hire.

Football trumps basketball 100x out of 100. We are not Duke.

This is the most important football hire in history and we’re about to trot out a 1 year HC, or a 0 year HC? Yikes

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We suck and are a has been. Only people that think highly of Arkansas football are Arkansans. If lunney we should have hired him 2 weeks ago which tells us we’ve been turned down by numerous coaches or bot is sticking their nose where they shouldn’t. If that is the case we’re no better than auburn being run by big boosters. At least they win. Malzahn used us like a cheap you know what last year Can lunney put together a staff, who knows. Can he recruit big time outside the state who knows. Gosh I’m even shocked how low we’ve become. If not won’t let hy hire who he wants then he should leave or bot members who meddled should be published. Someone pm me and tell me who on the bot is protesting lk.