If it's Drinwitz

I just am going to be overwhelmingly underwhelmed. There’s just no way to present this in any way other than we just got absolutely stifled by every candidate we had any desire in talking too. This is way more of a risk than hiring Chad Morris. His body of work is much less impressive as an assistant than Morris’s was, and winning for one year at App St. is great for them and all, but don’t most people give a good portion of that credit to Scott Satterfield? He was the one who got that engine running. HY said he knew he had to get this hire right, and we take the biggest gamble we could possibly make. Talk about a potential for huge failure. I would have just as much confidence in Sam Pittman as I would in this choice, and Sam was not even close to a top choice for me. This will at least save the school lots of money on assistants and head coaching salaries. Got to look for something positive.

What if it’s Lunney?

My source who told me last night Drinkwitz or Barry Lunney Jr. is now telling me it’s likely going to be Lunney.

Just as bad if not worse, why would Barry have any more potential than the other assistants on staff. And if this was the choice, we just made it look exponentially worse by not making him head coach two weeks ago. They would have sabotaged recruiting for 2 weeks by not naming him sooner.

I don’t disagree with anything you said, but that rumor seems to be picking up momentum

It would be a complete and utter PR nightmare and screams failure and incompetence given that, as you said, he could have been recruiting and assembling a staff, etc.

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Geez. Y’all are certainly kidding

Drink or Lunney, would be a horrific hire, I’m sorry.

You had 3 weeks and got beat by Ole Miss?

Bad look for HY. He didn’t do a good job if this is the case.

No reason to lose anything to an inferior program, ever.

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Bet this is not on hy. You have a bot and the chicken mafia in charge

That’s gonna be a huge huge let down and very costly

Tell me what type of coaching cache does Lunney have to be able to put together an SEC caliber staff at this point in his career?
I think he’s a good position coach and recruiter, but HC at Arkansas, seriously?
If this is what we’re down to I’d rather hire Fritz, Napier, Littrell or Holtz. These guys have at least been Head coaches for a while and know how to be the CEO of a program.

If it’s Lunney or Drinkwitz then we are in for several more years of cellar dwelling.

If Lunney, it means we are 100% done as a football team. No way a guy with no head coaching experience can dig us out of this mess. Its not like we played great when he took over, we still got our butts kicked.

It also means HY will be leaving. (1) If it is his choice, it shows he is an idiot and will be gone soon enough or (2) if it isn’t his choice but was forced to hire him, he will be gone to a school that actually lets its AD do his job.

I really really really hope you are wrong about this. Good Lord, no recruits, no wins, no nothing, what could anyone be thinking?

I do know many fans who will be done with all aspects of Hog sports if this happens. It will just be the final straw.

My hope is this is a repeat of the basketball search. Toward the end we were all in a panic but HY pulled out a good hire (it appears).

BLJ would NOT be that hire. (And why wait, just do it now, it isn’t like BLJ is coaching in a championship game.)

I hope I’m wrong too!

This all makes my stomach turn.

And we got a 3 week head start for this? ?

Honestly… should’ve allowed chad to change his staff, if this is the outcome we are looking at. Bad, bad , bad

I think Lunney could potentially be good.

But the optics and circumstances could certainly not be worse.

That’s a thought because he’s an Arkansas guy who’s been around forever.

He’s not going to be our Dabo Sweeney.

Need someone who knows what they are doing and a position coach doesn’t.

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Just wondering what evidence?

I could deal with drinwitz, But if it’s BL, it’s going to be like we have accepted our lowly status. Assume the position hog fans, and be prepared to hold It for years to come. Getting bowl eligible will be our 5 year goal.

What if it’s neither?

I’d take the app guy before lunney. Lunney has never even been an offensive coordinator. And I thought his decisions, play calling, and game management were below par in-the Missouri game What are we going to have, an all arkansas players team? Got beat by Ole miss in football and now for a coach. Shows how far we’ve dropped if this occurs