If it's Chavis

What I kind of figured, which is why I was shocked so many kids actually signed when they were having second thoughts.

And, A&M can block certain schools for the release, I think. At least, if transferring from A&M after enrolling there, A&M could block a transfer to anyone on the A&M schedule (which costs an extra year of playing time for the player).

Something like that.

Couldn’t arkansas just redhsirt him in order to not lose the year?

It;s not …he’s staying at A & M

He’s gonna recruit speed smarty pants…

i am very excited about Chavis. He will be highly respected by HS coaches and parents. He will be able to attract great coaching talent.

Clay, do you think A&M was a teaching time for Chavis in that he had to learn how to execute his defense on a team with a very fast HUNH Spread offense? He should have learned a lot with the increased snaps caused by a HUNH offense and now he can now start with a new blank slate with Arkansas. He has the ability to create some new wrinkles that are difficult when personnel are already committed/trained in a different role. He has also had the misfortune of being at LSU and A&M when they had terrible QB issues that put pressure on his defenses.