If it’s all about winning more consistently in football

Then we should move to the Big 12.

Don’t scoff. Admit it.

The money is closer now. And we have almost 30 years of evidence that we probably won’t ever be able to do it consistently in the SEC.

I think it would be a lot of fun - driving from Fayetteville over to Stillwater, Norman, Lawrence, Dallas, etc. Instead of the closest ones to us now - oxford and Starkganistan.

And it’d be even better from a basketball perspective.

We need a monumental change. Let’s do it.

Someone join me on this lonely island!

The big 12 is a good conference.

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Interesting to me when Urban Meyer alluded to that when he said we were a 10 win program.

He said something “but now you’re playing all these far flung programs like South Carolina.”

I would be fine with it.

Our program may be almost the worst in the Big 12 this as well I’m afraid.

See San Jose State at Home

we are among the worst in the entire power 5 conferences. Who is worse? Rutgers is worse than our team, North Carolina beat South Carolina, i bet we couldnt.