If it is Sam, let's see who he brings as coordinators & ------

------ who he retains from this staff, before reacting. He actually is a players coach and he has strong contacts in the coaching profession. He can hire a very good staff with the right money and I think that is part of the package. Players buying in and playing hard should now cease to be a problem. He is a great recruiter. Let’s see if he can gather and keep more of the same and begin the turn it around process. He really could be our Orgeron (LSU version) if we give him the support he needs.


This is a solid post. Totally agree.

Nailed it Hogmodo. The Orgeron Model works because of the great young coaches surrounding him and that is exactly what Pittman needs to make him successful. Pittman is obviously very popular with the players and I don’t know this for a fact but I would guess that he will be a strong leader of the coaching staff which I think has been lacking. He is not the most flashy hire and I understand the skepticism but I predict the players will run through a wall for him and the coaching staff will respect him. I think you will see a well coached team that is disciplined and i think kids will want to play for him and will trust him. I think he will grow on the fans but it all comes back to getting talent, developing talent and being able to win. There is no place to go but up so I say why not give him a chance.

Check southern Mississippi after they hired Ellis Johnson as head coach. Was an unmitigated disaster. 0-12.

You ready to do this next year? This if it happens, will be a colossal failure

Good comparison IF Ellis Johnson was given a budget to put together a staff, but doubt he was. I don’t know how Sam will do, and certainly thought the process was less than good, but so be it.

This hire reminds me more of Orgeron at Ole Miss.