If it is, indeed, Sampson . . . here is my concern

Some will (have) said since Sampson’s NCAA violations (at least, most of them) were related to phones and those rules are now different in the age of texting and face-timing - that there will be no issue. It may be true that the reprimands involved impermissible phone calls, but the underlying issue is/was ethics. This is my primary concern with Sampson - I’ve always been proud that Arkansas has pretty much avoided issues with the NCAA (the booster in Fort Worth about 15 years ago is the only “significant” thing I can remember, and that appeared to be overblown). I want a clean program.

What I’m saying is, if someone will cheat on the phone rules, who’s to know what else he may be cheating in? Someone is ethical, or they are not.

Read this (scroll down to “NCAA Violations”) for a summary of Kelvin’s issues over the years.


I know, before posting this, that many will disregard or rationalize it because they are so desperate for some success on the basketball court (as I am, by the way). I just think that once someone has been proven to be a cheater (and in Sampson’s case, it was a recurring pattern), it’s hard for me to trust them with “my” program.

You have a legit point. Sampson has shown willingness to push the envelope, no denying that. There are people who are always looking for one step beyond the legal bar.

I think I get your logic. “Cheat” now (regardless of what rules) then likely to “cheat” later. You have concerns about his moral compass because breaking rules shows KS is at least somewhat unethical.

NCAA rules in and of themselves are amoral. There is nothing immoral about making a phone call, texting, visiting or giving someone money. But when there are rules against it, that changes - even if those rules are barely and unevenly enforced… some might say. Let me ask you this. Have you ever driven over the speed limit? That’s a rule that barely and unevenly enforced. AND, I would argue, is tied to “morality” much more closely (because speeding laws are designed, at least in part, to avoid one citizen from harming another - not just set guidelines for sports competitors). If you are honest and admit that you’ve driven 56 in a 55, does that make you an unethical person?

If the NCAA‘s rules are amoral to begin with and change over time and the NCAA doesn’t really enforce its rules or applies them differently and the winners mostly aren’t following them, then what is the point? If hand checking is against the rules but not enforced and we won a championship in 1994 doing it, do you think we should vacate that championship?

My point is that there are probably better ways to hold on to one’s sense of virtue than fretting over the number of phone calls a college basketball coach makes… take the wins and offset any feelings of lost innocence by driving the speed limit.

Kick hell out of 'em and ruin their life when a mistake is made…no second chances! :sunglasses:

I don’t think it’s gonna be KS.


Did you even use the link I provided and read Sampson’s history? It’s not “a mistake” . . . it’s a pattern.

We ALL make mistakes, from time to time. But a pattern of playing outside the rules over a period of time is a pattern - and that’s a lot different from the occasional mistake.

I wouldn’t worry much…no one knows yet who is being hired. Sampson May choose to stay put. I just hope if he does Hunter didn’t fire Mike thinking he would land Sampson or Beard?

I doubt anyone is really that concerned. Phone calls made over 10 years ago. Time served. Still upset over Mike is my guess. I liked Mike too but come on!

I like him as a coach but my concern is that he will be 64 when he coaches his first game as a Razorback (or at least close). Not sure you can rebuild the program with what is likely a short window. And you don’t guaranty the son as his successor.

No way we know the outcome good or bad if Sampson is
hired; however, a bunch on here are too caught up with the
number of age associated with a given individual.
I know a lot of folks between 65-75 that are way sharper
and more energetic than many in their fifties.

I believe age is a factor, for one reason, the nepotism clause he supposedly wants. That means he’s looking at retirement. If he wasn’t asking for that then I would agree with you.

It wasn’t the phone calls/texts that got him the abnormally harsh 5 year show cause. It was the 2nd offense in a short time span, lying to the NCAA, and lying to his bosses at Indiana.

Good post. Sampson winning isn’t the concern, IMO. Dude’s won everywhere he’s coached. It’s HOW he’ll win that’s the concern. I don’t trust the guy either and apparently the UA and Yurachek is willing to throw a bunch of money around to get him to Fayetteville.

I doubt Allburn trusts the Pearl either, but he has them
in the final four.

Well, we’ll see if Auburn’s Final 4 will be vacated later on by NCAA. Pearl’s as dirty as they come.

The lying was the issue.

Pearl’s as dirty as they come.

Great coach though.

I would love to have him but he’s about to get paid.

He lied 10 years ago. You guys are a tough crowd. The NCAA cleared him to coach again. He may not end up here but I believe he’s paid his dues.

I believe the question that Wizard seems to be asking is…

I am sure he has learned from the past and is clean now. But that is not the issue. What if his first three years at Arkansas go like his first three years at Houston, will he get desperate to save his job and push the envelope? That is the bottom line question. I don’t know how anyone can answer that with any certainty.

You can call all u want to now. That’s all he was ever in trouble for and not admitting it. Nolan sure was complimentary of him. I trust Nolan’s judgement.