If it is Gus, what is his buy out at AU?

First, you know I don’t want Gus. But I think the point is, and this is what I had heard, but wasn’t (still not) sure was true, that Gus (yes, his new school, won’t be Gus) owes AU NOTHING for leaving, other than paying what his assistants are owed. Which would be nothing if they came with him.

There is a huge difference between millions being due and basically zero.

I have a hard time thinking Gus has basically a zero buy out if he leaves on his own. But that may be.

Not necessarily, Gus borrowed $700,000 from Auburn to pay his buyout from ASU.
The point was, his buyout isn’t $7m, and some of his assistants will come with him, and some will be retained at Auburn.

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I read somewhere, I think it may have been his original contract, that the $ 700,000 is reduced each year and goes away after year 5.

Now that all these big dollars are floating around what do we do??

Did the people in control not think firing Long and maybe CBB it would be costly?

$30 million to swap coaches who are really not that different except for the players u can get at AU will it be worth it just because CBB didnt win this year or make a bowl?

Yes Jackson I know 11-and whatever SCE record , no need to post it again.

If we cannot afford Gus or he stays where he is do we get a coach just because he is cheap?

If Gus is the target, one would have to think that the financials will not be something we are not prepared. For all these decision makers may lack in knowing how to select a Coach, they don’t lack much in money matters. Because of this, we can probably assume the means are there if the opportunity arises. It seems the bigger concern might be, once hired, how do the factions disappear and not reappear too soon or too easily.

What happens if those concerned that Gus isn’t the right guy are proven correct and we end up worse than we are now? What will be the repercussions for the BOT, President, and Chancellor?

Yes, I am aware there is a flip side, but that’s not what I asked.

That’s the Carch22! The powers of the board and big money boosters could potentially have us headed for a train wreck! That’s what it very well be. Then fire all of those good ole boys and start over again. It’s a cycle. We will repeat this every 3 to 5 years until they finally die off and someone with a little common sense takes over.
I’m hoping who ever is the Head Hog next year get the ship back on course.

Gus had to make payments on it, again, my point was that not every time does the school pay the buyout, in this case, Gus helped. Sure, with money Auburn paid him, but it happens. McElwain had a huge buyout from CSU, he paid part of it, Florida paid some, and Florida gave CSU a huge game guarantee to be part of it.

I’m told the combo for a switch from Bielema to Malzahn is between $20 and $22 million.

Norvell has a $500K buyout - hire him and give him an upper tier salary pool to hire top notch on field staff and analyst group. You’d still spend a lot less.

Throw in a $12m bond payment, and you’ll soon be talking about real money. Of course the bond payment is for 20 years, I know, it isn’t that much every year. Also, the buyouts are spread over time and subject to future employment decreasing it, but still not chump change for a well heeled program.

i believe that Auburn and Gus willl talk contract this fall or winter and if he gets what his agent is asking far he will stay at Auburn then you can forget about a buy out