If it is Gus, what is his buy out at AU?

Sorry if that has been asked and answered. I know some one I trust gave a very high number to me. I read somewhere else something to the contrary.

Second, is there no non compete clause in his contract???

I did some research and all I could find was that there was not buyout if he leaves other than he is responsible for the remaining amounts on his Assistants’ contracts that he doesn’t take with him. I had a hard time believing that so I asked the same question you did, but never got any answer other than what I could find.

I found the same thing you did, but others who are usually reliable posted that there is a personal buyout in addition to the residual for the assistants. So short answer is

per the Auburn board it would be $8m including asst.

If they stayed at Auburn it would be less

So it would cost $13m to get rid of CBB and to hire Gus not counting his salary $5 million plus asst here
Then Longs buyout another $4 M
So a total of $22 million depending on how you pay it out or negotiate

I’m sure the people posting in this thread know this, but there are two kinds of buyouts. One is what the school pays the coach if they fire him. The other is how much the coach has to pay the school if he leaves prematurely. There might only be one, but if there are two, they might have vastly different amounts. Auburn fans might be confusing the two. They hear or read about a buyout & assume his buyout to AU is in fact AU’s buyout to him. I don’t if that’s the case, but it could be.

Usually contract law is pretty simple. If one party breaches it, it pays damages. When its someone like a coach who has a 5 year contract at $X per year, the school owes $X per year even if they fire him. (Unless it’s for cause.).A buyout might be included in the contract that calls for a lesser amount as liquidated damages.

It’s harder to measure damages if the coach decides to leave the school. That’s why schools usually want a buyout from the coach’s end. They want to penalize him if he’s successful & another school lures him away. They can get away with large buyouts because they’re paying him a large salary & can show the school has to start over with new coaches they might have to pay more, etc.

Saying all that, i have no idea what the terms of Malzahn’s contract at Auburn might be. My guess is he’d want a guarantee from them more than they’d want one from him, but I’m sure they wanted one from him, too.

Actually, it could go down like this. if Auburn wanted him gone the money IMO will not be the problem. Some big boys want him gone, especially if Saturday goes the wrong way for Gus.
Big boys HELP him and show him the door. Then CBB gets another job right away and if said school is close to CBB pay we pay the difference.
Like Illinois OR Nebraska. And Gus comes to Arkansas. Ouch…

And NO compete clause. Or if he did, If I remember correctly Gus had an option to name a school IF he wanted to. Arkansas was one. Can anyone confirm this?

No it won’t…plus Long’s buyout stays that amount IF he doesn’t take another job and then it is reduced/eliminated by the new salary. Same with CBB.

Yes it would, $5 milion for CBB and $8 million for Gus =$13 Million.

Gus’s buyout could be negotiated down i guess depending on if he left or was fired.

Yes CBB would be lower if he took a job but he won’t do that this next year

  • asst coaches

The thing about those offset clauses in the buyouts is that you can’t force a guy you fired to take another job. The assistants are pretty likely to get another gig soon, because their buyouts are small. But a HC in most cases is going to lay out a year, at least. Those that do go back to work often do so for a much lower salary(if you have to pay the difference) at a lesser school.

Finally, you have a sizeable group of HCs that can’t/won’t take another job, giving you the privilege of paying to watch them not work. So if BB takes a broadcasting job and likes it, we will pay the whole buyout while he gets well paid to be an analyst.

It’s very unlikely that we will end up paying every dollar theoretically owed on the buyouts. But it’s real likely that we are going to pay some very large money.

Gotcha…see your math now…but in the end I would assume everything is “negotiable”

Don, this is not exactly correct. AUB has already released the information on Gus’ buyout twice. Once last year before the LSU game, and once earlier this year. Gus’ buyout includes his assistants and it was 13.79 million last year. During this off season, he signed an extension which raised his buyout to 8 million, but several of his assistants also signed extensions, with out the new asst contracts figured in, their buyout is 4.84 million. It is indeed higher because of the extensions.

Bret is 5.8 million. Long is 4.6 million. That’s 23.2 million, not counting our assistants. You’re looking at probably closer to 30 million for just buyouts.

Rereading, I think you’re closer to what I’m saying.

It is a lot of money regardless, I got my numbers from the Auburn 247 thread.

not sure how accurate it is plus Gus will be asking more than CBB is making for sure

Yes, the number I’m hearing for Gus, IF he wins the Iron Bowl, is 6.1 million a year. My numbers were from a newspaper in Bama that covers the AUB area. I posted it on another board, but don’t remember the Topic. I was going to copy it and put it on here so everyone could see the exact numbers for AUB buyout, as I said I don’t know our assistants buyouts, or the new AD’s buyout, but I’m pretty sure we are talking close to (up to) 70 million+ for Gus to be our next HC (five year contract, counting buyouts and new AD and assistants). That’s a WHOLE lot of money.

Edit: WorldSeries, it’s the post to you on the other board, if you remember the topic, let me know and I’ll put the info on here.

Edit 2: Found it, his buyout is 7 million, not 8

Last year: http://www.montgomeryadvertiser.com/sto … /90623234/

This year:
http://www.montgomeryadvertiser.com/sto … 801097001/

It’s never as expensive as it seems…
There are conditions that they have to actively seek employment and that the University will pay the difference in their salary to get it on par with the yearly buy out rate.

You’re out of your mind if you think the entire process will take 70 M.

In all actuality it will probably be 15-20 counting Long.
Yes the coaching salaries will be higher from hear on out as well, that’s the price you pay if you don’t want to be a bottom feeder.
That’s not much for a program that profits around 40M per year in revenue.

It’s not far fetched that

  1. Malzahn leaves AUB for AR. Forcing us to pay his buyout. 6.9 million
  2. AUB gets pissed at us and fires all Gus’ assistants, putting us on the hook for the entire buyout. 4.84 million minimum
  3. Bret also gets pissed and sits out a year to collect his pay. 5.8 million
  4. Gus fires Bret’s assistants, they also sit out a year forcing us to pay his assistants 3.2 million
  5. We pay Jeff Long his remainder (this is already guaranteed) 4.6 million
  6. New AD’s buyout (guess same as Long’s) 4.6 million

Buyout’s = 30 million

  1. Gus wins Iron Bowl and SECCG = AR calls, AUB counter offers, AR outbids them at 6.1 million a year (just GUS)
  2. Gus wants enough to pay for top notch assistants (5 million at AUB, 6 mil for here)
  3. New AD gets a pay raise and ends up 1.5 million

Total new salary for 5 years = 44 million

Total= 74 million

I wouldn’t put it passed any of them to do it

I see where you get your numbers from.

But it also lacks a key component, negotiation. A lot will have negotiations involved. Auburn wants Gus out, don’t think their big heads wont cut his buy out to see him walk.
As for #2. I believe you are wrong there.

It’s going to expensive, no matter what. That’s what coaching changes do. But it’s never as expensive as you think it’ll be, unless you have some real boneheaded business men, which I don’t think is the case.

And even with that worst case scenario you have, it would be 74 over 5 years. That’s expensive, but not anything you wouldn’t expect for a coaching change. Especially in the SEC with a team that wants to compete.

As far as this years cost, I stand with the 15-20 M mark, which is expensive for 1 year. You can add in the rest of the salaries in their contract length and sure it’ll go up.

Y’all do know you are quoting the buyout from Auburn’s side, not what it would cost if Gus left on his own?

If Malzahn were to leave Auburn before the end of 2020, he would owe Auburn the total of any outstanding payments owed to his assistants who either don’t follow him to a new employer or are not retained by the new coaching staff.

http://www.al.com/auburnfootball/index. … on_at.html

Assuming he doesn’t work Bret will not be paid $5.9mm in one year. It’s over the life of the contract.

You realize, Gus wouldn’t pay, the his new school would pay it as part of his buyout