If I'm CCM I want the league to tell me why no pi on Boyd and Morris

I would very loudly protest that I’m getting tired of somebody other than the 11 across the line deciding these games.
The the no-call on Boyd and Morris cost us at least 6 to 14 points, they were obvious calls,Boyd is decleted and Morris is basically raped on the sidelines right in front of the officials.I would make them explain to me do you think that would happen if bama, LSU,Auburn,Clemson,Oklahoma any of the nation’s elite ran those plays!!
We are already behind 10 to 14 points before the balls even kicked off due to talent and experience and the have the game decided by somebody other than our opponents has got to stop!! Not fair to these kids and these coaches.
I know they will tell him the standard "we will look into it or "their doing their best"but Stevie wonder could see those 2.no excuse for it!

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I haven’t seen a good enough replay to have an opinion on the Boyd one, but it was clearly pass interference by Myles Jones against Tyson Morris.

These were quotes from the ESPN broadcast:

“Jones tackled him. That’s pass interference. A&M got lucky there. That’s a blown call, right in front of the official.” -Dusty Dvoracek

“I’m kind of shocked there wasn’t one, actually.” -Matt Austin

The no call on that obvious PI was disgusting. The official was staring right at it. That late in the game an obvious bad call is huge.

First thing we have to remember is that it is wrestling. Having said that we gave ourself a shot in the fourth quarter and that’s all you can ask for… so they say, whoever they are. I am not one of They.
Having said that, I thought they played well enough to win and just didn’t. Hicks played well, I think he has a handle on the tempo, I like the tempo. I like his poise. Starkel needs to get tempo and poise down a tad better. Has the arm no doubt.
Played well, little stuff killed us, gotta get those fixed.
Refs were awful.

I initially thought Boyd had not crossed the line of scrimmage when taken down as Starkel threw. I thought that was legal, but reading other posts, apparently not.

Let’s not forget the ref knocking down our receiver in the 1st half. Those guys should never get in the way of a play. Not saying it was on purpose but good grief how can that happen?

I’m not so sure the umpire didn’t save us an interception. The defensive guy had inside position, probably had a better chance to catch the ball than the receiver did.
The no-call on Boyd was horrible. Cost us the ball, a good chance to score, and our starting qb.

On the replay I saw Boyd was very obviously behind the line of scrimmage, the ESPN line was still visible and he was a good hard behind it.


Today’s game was truly a Southwest Classic…the officiating was just like the old SWC games.


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“Today’s game was truly a Southwest Classic…the officiating was just like the old SWC games.”

That is EXACTLY right. There is really no other conclusion. The ref was in perfect position. Looking RIGHT AT IT.

Not saying we win if they make that call. But I sure am po’d about it.

Yeah if Boyd was behind the LOS it was not PI but in all honesty I have always thought that rule needs to be changed. There is no doubt in my mind boyd catches that ball if he if he doesn’t got knocked flat on his back, for sure wouldn’t have been an interception.

Keep in mind, this is the same ref that called a PI on McClellion from 20 yards down the field and about 10 seconds after the whistle blowed. Dude obviously had a bad day.

Sorry, Bumper Pool, not McClellion.

I mean the rule has to be changed! You can barely breathe on the quarterback and you’re called for a personal foul but it’s okay to harelip a running back who basically is a defenseless player right there and it’s perfectly okay…SMH.:roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Now that you say that about penalties on QBs, the refs missed where Hicks was body slammed into the ground on the last drive. Why call of the other penalties if you’re not going to call that one?