If I were Scott Frost

I’d stay at UCF. Why would he want to freeze his nads off in Lincoln. He can get better athletes at UCF and doesn’t have the pressure to win. Lincoln or Orlando?? Hmmm let me think about that. Frost must not be a golfer

He is from Nebraska. Also was the QB for the championship team back on the 90’s. Probably his dream job (you know, that thing we all were convinced we were to Gus)

He apparently actually cares about his home

Scott Frost is a good man and coach with high moral values and going home is what he wanted. I’d like to see him win in Lincoln.

I’ve never been to Lincoln, but I would prefer just about any college town to Orlando. To each his own I suppose. I prefer 4 seasons and Fall colors to traffic, concrete and wet heat. Orlando, as we saw today, can get pretty cold too.

Undefeated season. National Champs!?

Your assuming that all metro area’s are like that of your description. We have slow/sleepy beach towns with low crime and postcard beauty with manicured landscaping & engaging friendly residents. (heck the police are always smiling)

I was speaking specifically about Orlando, which is not a beach town. As a former resident of West Palm Beach, Jacksonville and Tallahassee, I have had enough Florida living for one lifetime. However, I can certainly understand the allure of a place like the one you described. That doesn’t sound much like Daytona though.