If I were Jeff Long.....

I would throw a lot of money at Bob Stoops.

Call me crazy, but hear me out.

  1. In my mind, I want a defensive guy. One that realizes that the game is won by stopping the opponent from scoring. If you stop the other team from scoring, and kick a field goal, you win. I keep hearing that the way to win championships is through defense; I have bought in.

  2. I heard someone mention yesterday that one problem with BB is that he didn’t hire coordinators that understood the SEC. Although Stoops doesn’t have any recent experience in the SEC, he certainly remembers his stint at Florida and I believe that his “network” could bring in those type of coaches. At this point in his life, Bob certainly has an expanded “network”.

  3. I keep hearing that we haven’t developed enough recruiting ties in Texas. If Bob Stoops doesn’t bring that, no one will. After numerous years of picking up Texas players to fill his coffers, the man has to have a plethora of ties and relationships that would immediately impact recruiting in a big way.

  4. Does he have experience? You bet. He doesn’t leave one wondering if the coach is in over his head. No need to worry about the “up and comer” here.

  5. National Championship ring? Yep. So the argument then becomes “so did the Scientific Rocket”. Stoops has won at a high level more recently than Danny did when he was hired. Stoops still knows the game (and not saying that Danny didn’t).

  6. Stoops is somewhat familiar with Arkansas. I’m not saying that he would know how to get to Mount Sequoyah, but he has experience from a regional aspect.

Would he even consider us? Probably not.
Am I dreaming? Probably so.
He’s got a comfy life and probably doesn’t need anymore accomplishments to be satisfied. However, I’m of a mind that the young talent in Fayetteville would be attractive. I like the skill positions that were recently brought in. Jucos would probably be needed for a quick fix on both lines and he could solve that with recruiting. Is it enough to make it attractive to him? Does he want to coach again? Is there still a buyout amount in Norman? Not sure.

Just my $.02 :smiley:

Stoops has said several times in the past month that he will not coach again. That includes at the Northwest Arkansas Touchdown Club two weeks ago.

Fair enough. :smiley:

I think a lot of teams would love to take a run at him, but he is finished coaching. Those around him said he does not want to coach until he dies like his father did. His father died of a heart attack during a high school game when he was in his mid-50s.

I remember Frank Broyles talking about he and Darrell Royal retiring from coaching so early in their lives. He said something to the effect that if you coach past 50, you’ll probably do it until you die and never get to enjoy retirement.

Your post reminds me that Long was an assistant AD at Oklahoma when Stoops was hired in the late '90s, and Long was there for that great run the Sooners had in the early 2000s. I’ve often wondered when Long makes another football hire if he’ll try to reach into the pool of coaches who had a hand in the success at OU.

One of those was Brent Venables, who I think is going to be a head coach soon. He was the Broyles Award winner last year as the defensive coordinator at Clemson. I heard back in 2007 that he was in the mix for the Arkansas job, but to what extent I’m not sure. There were a lot of names floated for the job when it opened that year.

It might mean nothing, but he might be a name to watch if there is an opening after this season.

To the original poster, you got that wrong about what you think I’ve said. I didn’t mention anything about coordinators not understanding the SEC. I have never said that or thought that. You probably heard someone say it, but I didn’t. And, I don’t recall being on a show (with Bo) where that was mentioned. You got me confused with someone else.

If you were going to go the old coach route I’d think about Tuberville

Knows the SEC and has feelings for Ark

My two cents on Tuberville: He is from an era of coaches (both head and coordinators) that did not adapt when the game began to change about 10-12 years ago. He was slightly above average at Texas Tech and Cincinnati, both of which did not play in strong conferences.

He is 63 and would be 64 next season. I’ve often said an AD wants to envision a coach in place for at least 10 years. Can you envision someone coaching the Razorbacks into their mid 70s? Do you want that?

The same goes for Les Miles.

Well, my apologies if you didn’t.

Did Jeff Long and Mile Leach cross paths in Norman? Seem to recall he was OC at OU early in Bob’s tenure there.

As to your comments about Tuberville and Miles not adapting when the game changed I agree with you. Neither should be considered under any circumstances. Outside of Saban who has a tremendous product to sell who in their mid 60’s or older is going to excite recruits?

Wide open, aggressive on offense
Dynamic personality/ recruiter

Who fits that bill?

The Miles reference was more to his age. He coached well against today’s scheme; in fact, LSU’s defense was what everyone tried to replicate against the spread. He won a national championship and was national runner-up in the last 10 years, so I don’t know that anyone can say he didn’t adapt, at least to some extent.

Miles’ undoing was his inability to feed the monster that he and Saban helped create. Nine wins aren’t enough for LSU fans, who think they are Alabama’s equal. He also had an AD who, at least from afar, appeared to have it out for him. It was pretty telling that he was fired after a game at Auburn in which LSU appeared to win, only to lose on a replay review. That was not a fireable offense, but Joe Alleva had been upstaged by Miles the year before and was out for revenge.

I’m sure you’ve heard, read the rumors of Venables being a shoo in to replace Snyder at KSU, where he played and served as a GA. But the allure of the SEC…

Venables doesn’t seem to be the type that wants to be a HC. Similar to Bud Foster. “Wants” may be the wrong term. Maybe they are content being highly paid assistants and are highly selective in regards to taking a HC position. I understand that fans are not often a good gauge, but the Clemson folks I know would be surprised to see Venables leave the upstate for anywhere but Kansas State.

I would take Miles or Tuberville over Coach Bielema even if they are in their 60’s, if either was our only choice, but they are not our only choices.

Here are some great thing to remember about the Arkansas job:

  1. We are the only major university in our state
  2. We can afford the salary of anybody, including Saban( this doesn’t mean we’ll pay, but we can afford it)
  3. We have a nice tradition and history
  4. The fans are passionate about their football
  5. The facilities are very good and getting better( even if they did leave the North End Zone unbowled)
  6. We play in a major conference with glory awaiting a guy who wins(think a young Nick Saban)
  7. The expectations for a coach are not high.
  8. Fayetteville is a great place to live and raise a family