If I were a new coach at arkansas

I would tell the media and fans upfront, of course we’re going to play to win but we have roster issues and it’s going to be one long difficult task. It’s going to take patience so bear w us. I would not mention building a fence around the state recruiting wise, can’t be done and just gives fans another reason to complain. I would tell the fans our offense and defense will be geared to the talent or lack thereof on hand until we can recruit players to fit what we want our offense and defense to be so please bear with us once again. No slogans no catch phrases. I would not give fans false hope period. You say we gotta sell tickets? Lol. The stadium is going to be near empty at half for the rest of our home games The new addition I almost cringe at the mostly empty seats. Just be real for me once. We see the product on the field. Fans aren’t stupid, quit w the coach speak

Don’t think you can do that without losing your team and maybe the fan base also.

The coach has to give the most optimistic outlook he can. The only time he shouldn’t do it is when there’s no doubt his team is the much better one. When the team is as fragile as this one, he’s got to present the best face he can. He can’t promise more than he can deliver, but Morris hasn’t done that.

I have no issue at all with how he’s handled this part of his job.