If I remember my rulebook correctly

Since the game was ended in the middle of the inning, score and stats all revert back to the preceding inning.

So Burton didn’t appear, and didn’t hit a batter, and their guy didn’t pop out to the shortstop.

The game was officially eight innings.

It was about as complete as a game could be. That kind of run deficit with only 2 outs to get in the top of the 9th should have made it a no-brainer to call it. I’m surprised they didn’t do it a couple of pitches earlier. I can’t imagine the NW coach had any misgivings about giving up any theoretical chance of winning with just 2 outs to go.

It’s somewhat too bad we scored as many in B8 as we did. Had we finished the game 5-10 minutes sooner, we’d have gotten in the full 8 1/2 innings. Of course, baseball is the one sport you virtually never want to stop scoring. Would have been nice to have had a run rule last night.

I don’t think they ever have a run rule when the teams have a game scheduled the next day. The run rule is for when it’s getaway day. The visiting team has a bus ready and the game is decided. Then, it’s time to go. Since Northwestern played the next day in Fayetteville, they were not going to make it a run rule day. Plus, they probably wanted Arkansas to use a few more pitchers, too.

Here’s a good story as you contemplate different scenarios with rain outs. This doesn’t consider college baseball, but it’s still interesting:

https://www.baseballprospectus.com/news … ains-come/