If I recall correctly, Sam

Gets an automatic $250,000 raise and a one year contract extension as a result of winning our seventh game last night.


I hear that on the radio this morning. So I guess that is true.



That is correct.

Did they also add a few million dollars more to his buyout?
Seems it would be the norm these days.

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Wish someone would give me a $250,000 raise. Hell, I’d settle for $2500. I don’t get cussed out for calling reverses on national TV, but my work is at least moderately important; I’m trying to help people with Alzheimer’s live and function longer.

Oh well, on with the new year, where I might actually get that $2500 raise at some point.

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I never understood why people hate reverses. One of the best plays in football. Very conservative philosophy folks I guess.

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That’s a lot, given he almost gave away a 25 point lead versus the Big 8’s basketball school. (Nice contract terms)

I wonder if NIL for players will eventually cut in to coach’s pay.

There is only so much money to go around.

Good question!

Jeff, as a former Alzheimer’s care giver I have much respect for what you do. Well done.

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