If I have calculated right

punter Max Fletcher will be the first to send in his NLI at around 3 pm tomorrow. It will be 7 am on Wednesday in Australia.

A prospect can send in the NLI on Wednesday at 7 am their time.

Prospects in the eastern time zone can send in their NLI at 6 am central time which is 7 am eastern.


Day one starter and a weapon!


Aussies usually don’t get up that early though. LOL. :grinning:

I hope this guy works out… I used to watch Australian rules Football back in the day and some of those guys could kick the crap out of that ball!! So hopefully we will catch a little diamond in the outback :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Ok, I was off an hour. He should be signing within the next hour. It’s 6:45 down under right now.

Max said he sent in his letter of intent just after 7 am down under time which was 3 pm here.

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