If I hadn't watched the game....

And came to these forums to find out who won, I would have thought we lost the game.

I thought something similar.

While some positives, some in the fan base have expectations far beyond just beating sun belt competition

The Hogs are not that good - they didn’t beat an SEC team yesterday, and may not have beaten these guys if they would have had 3 more possessions - we wont win 3 more this year if the secondary gives up 9 plays of 20+ yds. in the remainder of our games. Just stating my opinion, however I hope they prove me wrong

Hogs did a hell of a lot better against non-SEC competition than LSU did

It did my heart good to see more than 45k fans at the game. If you believed the win at all cost crowd and haters, then you would think fans are giving up on the Hogs. I bet we had over 60k at the game for a 1-2 team.

The lunatic fringe isn’t anything more than the vocal minority

My observations are limited to what I saw on TV, but the crowd was nowhere nearly as bad as it might have been. I’d guess somewhere around 60k is about right. I wish they hadn’t announced a 70k attendance. I’m sure that’s the ticket sale count, not the true attendance. 70k is almost a full house. The EUD was half full at best. Looked like the student section in lower east stands was mostly empty above the seats the band uses. It was hard for me to tell how full the SEZ was because the red seats can look like fans from a distance. The west stands looked pretty full. Never saw the west UD.

The crowd was outstanding for an 11 a.m. nonconference game. And, they saw both teams throw it around the yard and that was probably enjoyable. Passing games can be fun to watch.

It was a decent crowd in the west upper deck. I think overall attendance was helped a bit by it being parents weekend.

Here are a couple of screenshots from the stadium webcams around the time the first quarter ended. You can tell the west stands are pretty full.

There were some reporters tweeting about how bad the attendance was, but what they can’t see is the west stands above them. They looked pretty full from the pictures I saw.

That’s good marketing.

I saw a lot of kids. Lots of them. I don’t recall seeing so many elementary kids at a game. That’s a good thing. And, they were having a good time.

A win is a win. So, having said that, I’m not looking to find the negatives, only looking at what we need to do to improve. After watching the rest of the SEC games on Saturday, there was one quote that did come to mind. Back when Larry Johnson (UNLV) told Nolan Richardson, “You need to go out and get you some men”. We have some finesse players, but not nearly enough like Agim who are big, quick, aggressive and violent. That’s the kind of play that will win in the SEC. We have size, strength, and talent. What we are missing is that element of aggressiveness that causes explosive plays. It is sporadic from many, but not consistent.

never would have thought that the LJ quote would be the one thing about that game that was enduring in razorback lore

Thank you for posting that, Matt. It never occurred to me to go to the webcam. You’re right, those pictures show a much better crowd than I saw on TV. (They don’t show that many crowd shots & I was watching from a place that didn’t have the SEC channel. It had internet streaming problems, so I missed several minutes intermittantly.

Wally Hall often comments about the poor crowds & did so today. I always thought he was full of crap about his estimates & I figured most of it had to do with him not seeing the WUD. My seats are (or were) in the east club seats so I had a good view of all but the EUD. However, the EUD shows up on TV more than the WUD because most cameras are on the west side.

Regardless, those webcams show a bigger crowd than I originally thought.

Yeah, we aren’t as mediocre as the Tigers, although Troy is probably better than NMS.

They played two weeks ago at Las Cruces. Troy won 27-24.

Did you see LSU’s game at the start of the game and not towards the end when many had given up. Their stadium looked sparse if not downright empty.

I think NMSU gave us a good look for USCe because of the pass intensive nature of their day against us. NMSU is a solid SBC team that could make some noise in the SBC with that QB, 6-6 WR and those bowling ball DT’s.

The question you have to ask yourself is, where would NM St fall in if we ranked all of Arkansas’ '17 opponents from 1-12, based on what we’ve seen so far?

If we’re real about it, the Aggies would land somewhere in the 7-9 range, but possibly higher. Alabama, Auburn, TCU, and TAMU are the 4 best teams on our schedule (not necessarily in that order), but the water gets murky after that.

I can’t say definitively that NM St wouldn’t beat OM, MSU, LSU, or Mizzou. Can you? If you can, how?