If I am reading the bracket

correct we win Saturday and Monday we don’t play again till Friday! That saves pitching and what we did last year.

You are correct (see link below).

In reviewing the full bracket, I see that loser’s bracket on our side of the Championship is afforded one extra day of rest between the second round of games and the third games. In other words, if we win Saturday, and then again on Monday, we don’t play again until Friday (as pointed out). In that scenario, our opponent (the team that survived the game between 1-1 teams), would get 2 days between the survival game and their match against us.

However, in the other side of the bracket, the “survival game” is held on Thursday, and the winner has to face the rested 2-0 team the next night (Friday). One way or the other, they had to “catch” the brackets up with each other,

https://www.ncaa.com/news/baseball/arti … rld-series

That is correct. Wednesday if we’ve lost but are still alive, Friday if we win Saturday-Monday.

Last year we played Sunday-Wednesday-Friday, but there were weather issues in there. Campbell pitched the Friday game. You could theoretically bring Zay back to pitch the Friday game, which would be either to advance to the finals or force a Saturday winner take all to advance to the finals. I suspect DVH would prefer to pitch one of the kids (or maybe Scroggins) on Friday and save Zay for either Saturday or the Finals start Monday, weather permitting. Last year the finals started Tuesday because of rain, which took away our advantage with Molester State having played two extra games.