If I am Hill, I don't know what to make of this

I still keep coming back to Thad Matta. He was a candidate at UCLA, then backed out. He certainly was available and much more accomplished.

We can agree to disagree, though.

I told his interest was gauged and it was found wanting,

Why so serious?

Found Wanting?

I remember running through the wet grass
Falling a step behind
Both of us never tiring
Desperately wanting

From Merriam Webster online:

Found wanting: lacking all that is needed or expected

Ah ha. Now it makes sense.


Found Wanting?

Duds your getting heavy when we don’t know what you mean or are talking about and we have to refer to the Marriam Webster online meanings hahaha I figured your phone auto-corrected


LOL :lol: :lol:

Nobody’s bashing Hill, not you me or anyone that I have read.
And like I said in another thread, we haven’t seen Hill participate in practice against D-1 competition. Only some highlight film. So as far as us fans know, it’s still way up in the air what he can do.

Good tune !

Is Hill coming or going, I leave wanting…

It is certainly not height. Does anyone believe coach wouldn’t want another Isaiah Thomas at 5’9" or Spud Webb at 5’7".

Thomas and Webb were better than Hill at this stage, so was Tyler Ulis.

Meaning: Matta was contacted but was not interested (interest was lacking)

I think Justice is a lot better than some of you.

But that’s only based on watching him play some 50 times or so. :smiley:

Not saying he is going to be a superstar, but the level of play at PG here lately has been spotty at the least.

As far as he recruitment, he would have gotten a lot more offers if he had not committed 700-plus days before he signed.

Nothing, well except letting go of the coach, was going to change that and other schools knew that it would be a waste of time.

Slow down Dudley, my evaluations of Hill are based off your, Richard, and RazorAg’s descriptions of his game. Y’all gave detailed breakdowns. He not a 4* for a reason and it’s not his height by your own statements of his game.

I’m not saying y’all bashed him, but described him very similar to Sills, but a better ball handler and worse outside shooter. That doesn’t describe IT or any other 4/5* PG or NBA superstar, those expecting that person will be disappointed. Also, those describing Vanover as a young Dirk will be VERY disappointed. Young Dirk scored 52 on a NBA all star team consisting of Pippen, Jordan, and Sir Charles. He even dunked on Barkley. Vanover isn’t close.

And I really don’t care how many times you’ve seen him, can’t say “he’s the next Jordan” when you’ve been very clear he’s not.

I was really surprised by the rumor. I believe Justice Hill has the playing potential and for sure the heart, intelligence & athleticism right now, to be a very good PG for just about any team. Hopefully it will happen as a Razorback.

With that said Dudley, how’s his relationship with Muss at this point and does Muss feel he fits his system?
Basically do feel he is staying or going if you can say?
Personally I hope he stays.

That’s one way of spinning it, actually the thread has already started to unravel