If I am Hill, I don't know what to make of this

Heard Trey Schapp’s interview of Muss at the Spring meeting at 6:40 on Drive Time Sports. When asked about the recruitment of JD Notae, Muss replied “we only have Jaylen at PG, I know Sills can play the point some, but we wanted to get a second point guard”.

If I am Hill, what am I?

I still think at the end of the day, Hill is the one. My speculation is that something went wrong between Muss and Hill right off the bat and I think he will end up playing football for Auburn. Don’t believe Hill is part of Muss’s vision at Arkansas. We will see.

By the way, Trey Schapp repeated that he overheard one of Muss’s assistant coaches say that Hill is not going to play either basketball or football at Arkansas.

PJ, do you think it’s the two sport thing that is the alleged issue perhaps?

Or as simple as Coach M just doesn’t see him as tall enough or enough of a fit for system?

Maybe Hill is close to going somewhere else and all just keeping quiet until announced.

I doubt it is the two sport issue. Justice had decided before Muss got here that he was focusing on basketball,

Makes sense.

I’m not sure that Coach M doesn’t prefer much taller PG’s with much more wingspan.

I know many are putting this to rest but seems something might change still in this situation.

Guys, it’s getting pretty obvious to me. If Hill wants to be here it will be on his own dime.


I wonder if that’s by mutual agreement?

I suspect the HC and Justice have spoken and both of them know the plan.

They for sure hadn’t on Tuesday.

Tall is great for a guard…but give me a player like the point guard for Auburn last year or the kid from LSU. They can dominate a game with their skill, speed and quickness. The point guard from Auburn took that team almost all the way. He was superb in the tournament. If Hill can become that type of player, then don’t let him get away to another school.

I always thought Hill had the potential to be another Jared Harper of Auburn.

could it be that Muss is basing his comments on the NBA experience where even the point guards are usually…6’2-6’5?not saying he’s against Hill…but at 5’10-6’0…maybe he considers Hill too small for “his system”…if he transfers…good luck to him but i would hope his father would send him any place but the cesspool that is Bruce Pearl and Auburn…

Are you saying that on May 28th (Musselman was hired on April 7) the HC and Hill have not spoken about Hill’s role on the team? I thought Musselman had spoke and been at practices with all our players? Was that just coach speak? Or are you trying to say something else?

I really hate getting involved in this discussion, but it looks an awful lot like he’ll end up elsewhere, and my guess is that he winds up following MA to SJU. The worst part of it IMHO is that he’s a really good kid, and he’s in effect being shoved to the side in favor of a bunch of transfers who couldn’t cut it at smaller or mid major schools.

My gut feeling is that we’re going to get what we bargained for with another bargain basement hire. For the sake of the program, I hope I’m wrong.

Thought I read elsewhere that this was all speculation and rumor and Hill himself said on record or tweeted that he wasn’t going anywhere else.

Plus I don’t think Muss would just discount Hill so quickly based on height alone. He’s been in the business all of his life and can recognize ability & talent.

I am saying that the head coach had not told the Hills that Justice was being “cut” if that is the plan.

I know EM has talked to them. And EM also was very complimentary of Justice the last time I talked to him about him.

My gut feeling is that EM is going to be very successful.

Arkansas went for the home run hire. Those guys didn’t want to come.

EM is at least an inside-the-park home run hire to me.

Two things:

  1. Yes, Hill seemed to indicate he wasn’t interested in leaving. Or that he wasn’t planning to

  2. Yes, Muss recognizes talent, if it is Hill that he’s showing the door, obviously he doesn’t see it

Now, I’m not saying Justice is a bad player, but if Muss watched him practice and decided that he’s better off with a transfer why are you guys upset?

I mean honestly if you’ve read Dudley, Richard, or RazorAg’a breakdown of Justice, it’s not much better than some of those that just transferred in.

2 - Kind of what I was hinting at, not a height issue.

Let me be more clear (received a pm on bashing Justice) I’m not bashing Justice, if Muss asks anyone to leave he has a reason