If hire quickly, we have a chance to improve fast

There is some good young talent on this team that can be developed.

Couple that with putting together a good recruiting class and not missing a recruiting cycle and a new administration can fix this quicker than other programs in this spiral I bet.

Here’s hoping we act quickly and be first before others get a coach we want etc.

As I mentioned in another thread, you don’t have to fire the coach immediately or publicly to already be working on the new guy.

I don’t see anything positive for the members of the football team with that happening.

Few weeks from now, I’d understand.

Hmm. Thanks, DD, you’ve brightened this gloomy day for me

Interesting that you’ve said that twice, you trying to tell us something without actually saying it?

Totally agree. Coach deserves to coach season. I should have clarified I meant immediately after season.

Need to have our guy on board and anniunced immediately after season is over.

Amen. The public position should be “we support the coach.” We still have several games left to know for sure where we are & what we ought to do. Meanwhile, Long can do whatever he needs to do behind the scenes, including working on “plan B”

Totally agree.

I should have clarified “after” the season.

I meant if we hire immediately upon conclusion of season and act before other bigs to get guy we want.

Coach B is a good man and deserves to finish the season certainly.

This could be a good football team next year with solid line play. Now, saying that, I realize there are huge issues on the lines. But I like a lot of the skill guys on offense and back 7 on defense. Most of them return.

Look at the roster, even the line will be “experienced.” Both lines.

As we have seen this year more experience does little to help if talent is inadequate.

I think you’re not looking at who is missing. They have games when individuals look good, but you have times when all of them look bad, experience can help that. Now, I do think we need a new OL coach for sure, even if Bret does get another year, but if he is a “lame duck”coach, who will come here?

I hear Gary Anderson is available.

Correct. Experience hasn’t helped on the lines. I do like the returning talent at other spots and the potential of some of the athletic freshmen getting in the mix with a year under their belt.

I agree