If he’s guilty, he threw away his life

while also taking another.

I’ll wait until Joe Kleine weighs in.

Oh come on it’s a joke

That’s just sad. For all involved.

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I hope this is not the case. Just in the wrong place at the wrong time. If not, the full weight of the law will come down on his head.

What a tragedy. I hope he’s not guilty of such a heinous crime. If he is, it’s his own fault.

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It’s the fifth homicide in Tuscalooser in 2023!!!

Is that counting what they did this weekend to LSU?


Wow. What is the story behind this?

Is this true? If so, just wow. two lives ruined for what?

More than just 2 lives. Families are devastated when something like this happens.


Police describe as a minor argument with people in a car. Shots were fired and a young woman was killed.

It’s terrible. She had kids.

I’m gonna ax a stupid question here, but, even though AL is an open carry state, why were either one of them carrying handguns? How many of ya’ll carried pistols at the age of nineteen everywhere you went—and why? Did it make you feel macho? Did you need it for self-defense, after midnight? Looking back, now that many of you are older than 50, do you consider it wise to have carried a handgun if you did at that age?


You can’t even legally buy a handgun until you are 21, Fred.

I was robbed twice with guns to my head when I was a manager at Weingartens in Pine Bluff. Late 70’s BTW. Shot one of my stockers 4 times and pistol whipped one of my checkers. Both PTL recovered. If I had been armed I believe I would have been killed both times. I’m not against carrying but it’s not always the answer. So sad that the lady died. She had a 5 year old. Death penalty in play here. Just hard to understand.

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Why does anyone at any age carry handgun while going out? Are they afraid of getting attacked by the mob or something?

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Lot of it is gang related anymore. Gangs of all backgrounds are everywhere. Sign of the times. Sad.

Outside of gangs, why would a basketball team member be carryingy when drinking on the Strip?

Why would a 6 year old take a gun to school and shoot his teacher on purpose? Nothing makes sense anymore!

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Everyone wants to believe that those who carry guns are mature & old enough & mentally capable of rational choices. Too often it is just the opposite & the outcome deadly.