If Gafford returns I can't see this guy..

Being a backup… he’s going to play major minute’s

Reggie Chaney is a beast. Expecting big things from him as a hog.

He is a stud and a beast! I have talked to a high school senior here in the DFW area that is going to a major D-1 program and he said he was a beast. Said he will be a very good player for us and is already very physical and strong and the size and weight is legit!

I can see him stepping in a starting in the 4 when Gafford is in a rolling to the 5 at times when he isn’t.

Need him and DG to have a chance next year.

Chaney is a part of a good recruiting class coming in next year! Whatever decisin Gafford makes the hogs will have to adjust!
It would be nice for him to return!
Incoming class
Chaney. 6’9"
Emery 6’4"
Henderson 6’9"
Phillips 6’7"
Joe 6’4"
Sills 6’1"
I think the heights are correct.
This next class is the best overall class in a long time! I’m looking forward to what our current hogs do and what next season will bring!
There are options at the 4.