If CV gets, the waiver, new line up of death

A chance to put 5 guys on the floor at a time who can really spread it and shoot it next year–

Joe, Moss, Sills (or Jones), Cilla, and Vanover. Not really a true PG in that line up but those are 5 guys who are 35%+ 3 point shooters on the floor at once. Only 1 big + a combo forward but having big guards out there is a plus for holding your own on the glass.

Today on the Buzz Muss talked about that same thing. Talked about playing Joe some at the PG position.

Probably not going to get many offensive boards with that lineup, but it should be OK on the defensive glass.

That group would mean less missed shots and thus less opportunities for offensive rebounds

Yup. Nearly added that thought to my post above.

Pre-season hypotheticals are always fun and easy. Then when the ref throws the ball for the jump ball and there is another team on the court with a counter game plan… :smiley:

Rebounds off of 3’s are rarely right around the rim, and are very often outside the paint. Spread, shoot, crash 2 guys and the other 3 blockout, but guard against a runout.

Play some Golden State ball…