If Clemson can..

Why cant we?

Am I so far off on that thought? Clemson has always seemed a comparable school to Arkansas.

Shouldn’t we be able to perform at the same level they do

I agree, and have thought this also.

It takes a coach like dabo, who is an unbelievable recruiter. At the end of the day f you don’t have the players you don’t have the team, especially in the SEC.

I think with the growth of NWA, along with hopefully I-49 completion sometime in the future, NWA will become much more accessible. We can recruit at a higher level than we’ve seen, we just don’t and haven’t had that especially great recruiter.

Yes. Have always thought that. More talent there, but they have a lot of D1 programs and good ones around as well. Clemson made a commitment to winning and they have.

Chad Morris drug his wife to Deshaun Watson’s freshman basketball games as his lead recruiter. He (Morris) really had a big hand in getting that program going. Prior to his hiring, the Cocks had rattled off 5 win a row against them I believe (may want to check the dates). Anyway, he’s a Texas guy, has done a fantastic job at SMU and I fully believe he will be coach in the SEC next year.

Lets not forget that Dabo was an unknown for the most part when he was handed the Clemson job. Clemson hit the lotto on Dabo.

Clemson is less than 2 hours from Atlanta. I think we can win and win big, but it won’t be as easy as it would be if we were closer to a major metropolitan area and more fertile recruiting areas.

Clemson’s track record is that they will do what it takes to win in recruiting. They were known cheaters for many years and have had their share of bouts with the NCAA. Is that what’s going on now? Not sure. My friends at Tennessee sure think that. Tennessee had a recruiting machine at one point, too. Clemson’s has been good for many years and the NCAA dismantled it a few times. Danny Ford’s time there was marked by recruiting accusations.

Aside from that, the proximity to Atlanta has been a key to their success, but they have gone outside that area to recruit. They have hit the mother lode on defensive line prospects.

I looked at the Clemson roster. Lots of players from North Carolina, Georgia and Florida, but also players from plenty of other states. They travel for their players. There are players from Virginia, Maryland, Tennessee, Texas, Kansas, too.

An NFL friend of mine who went to pro day at Arkansas and Clemson on back-to-back days two years ago was stunned at the difference. Clemson has great players right now. Not good. Great.

I’ve gotten dragged to a Clemson game for the past four years (and headed to the Ga Tech game in a few weeks). It might as well be in Calico Rock. It is in the middle of nowhere.

That said, I will acknowledge their proximity to Atlanta and the high school football in SC is head and shoulders better than Arkansas. I remember my first year out here and reading the sports page. They ranked the top ten players in the Lowcountry (Charleston area). Florida, UGA, Clemson, SC, Wisconsin and Ga Tech all had commits from this area.

Again, Dabo was on a hot seat with the losses to SC piling up (Clemson had lost out on in state guys they typically get i.e. Clowney, Bruce Ellington, Lattimore). The tide really turned with the hire of Chad Morris. Then they got rocked in the Orange Bowl to West Virginia (70-33), fired Kevin Steele and hired Brent Venables. Morris has subsequently left, the recruiting hasn’t skipped a beat and their Co-OCs are in sync. They start 4 1st Round draft picks on the DL. Clay is exactly right. Their players are not good, they are great.

By the way, they got this kid coming next year. https://247sports.com/Player/Trevor-Lawrence-61350

I look forward to Clemson v Bama III and then hope I never have to see it again.

Along those lines, did we recruit Travis Etienne? This kid is unbelievable and he is from Louisiana