If Chad Morris works out here

at Arkansas…aka he wins enough this year and next to stay on and build as he intends…then tonight’s second half may actually go down as the seminal moment. Because Chad and his offensive staff now have a QB. No more back and forth. Unless injury strikes, we saw the starter for the rest of this year, and next year, when he will be what Clay always says is the most valuable asset in college football: a senior QB who has been the starter before his senior year and brings that experience to fool bloom his senior year.

This team has many deficiencies. But QB will no longer be one based on what I saw tonight. Starkel just needs to get more comfortable in this offense.

We shall see. But him winning the job…and he won the job, surely…is the silver lining to tonight’s loss.

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If you watch Morris’ post game interview, he still leaves it up in the air as to who starts moving forward. He said Hicks caught some bad breaks, but I’m hoping the spark he keeps saying he’s looking for was answered by Starkel and he’ll get the nod to start.

CCM was defensive and very unsettled in the presser. He treats his players differently. He looks bad for this issue with Hicks. And he looks like he cannot accept criticism. Not good from a coach with a record like his.

My participation on this board and others and, frankly, interest in Razorback athletics has tailed off a lot because I found myself to be very negative at times and bitching too much about the lack of winning. Well, more of the same, including my bitching I guess.

This offensive coaching last night was about as bad as it gets, regardless of how Starkel played in the second half. The repeated lame, slow-developing wildcat was junior high. The O line is abysmal.

The guy Clay quoted the other day about UA football basically receiving the death penalty was dead right. I thought Morris might have been a good fit to breathe new life into the program. But I was wrong as I could be.

Last week’s game and that first half told me all I need to know about Chad Morris. Not to mention 3 or 4 games last season.

Chad Morris is probably a good man and is an effective recruiter. But he is a bad X and O, game-day coach. He has terrible feel for what it takes to win a football game at this level.

We’ve got yet another real problem on our hands, fellas.


It’s gonna be a battle with CSU next week. How bad is that to think?

I’ve actually wondered about something Bob Stoops said when we were “looking at Venebles”. He said that sometimes certain coaches are just meant to be coordinators. At the time, I thought that was kind of a negative comment towards a pretty good DC. After last season and the first two games this year, I wonder if Stoops knew we were talking to Morris and were trying to hint we shouldn’t.

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I wouldn’t go that far. He got irritated about being asked more than once about who’s going to start at QB going forward. Honestly, I’d be irritated too after a loss answering a question I already answered.

The most concerning is the up in the air defense of Hicks. I admire sticking up for players, but you can admit that Starkel was just better.

Colorado State is better than Arkansas. Beating them will require considerable improvement from week two to week three, their QB not playing well, and a little luck along the way.

I know some will scoff at my saying this, but they also scoffed when I said N.Texas was much better than Arkansas and should have been favored going in to the game last year.

If Arkansas is laying points I’m taking CSU and feel confident in saying that.

Thanks for stating the obvious.

I do not agree it was as bad as everybody says in terms of what Morris inherited, but I agree with you, this is going to get worse, not better. This is gross incompetence. Razorback football is being destroyed. It may take 10 years to recover or it may be something from which we never recover if it is allowed to go on past this season.

I think Starkel gets the start for CSU, and depending on the outcome will be the starter going forward.

Don’t know to quote on new board, but if you think Morris inherited anything other than the least talented roster in the SEC you are kidding yourself.

Complete and utter dumpster fire.

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Can’t keep using that excuse. There is talent to win here. At least 6 wins easily.

Really. We have 11 new starters on offense including numerous freshman on the two deep. We had 23 players leave the program , 3 of which wound up with power 5 schools. Our highest nfl draft pick was in the 4th round last year. Yet you keep telling us it’s coaching and we should be winning at least 6 games . You must see something I don’t , because Jacksonreid’s op nailed it. CBB did indeed leave us a dumpster fire and Nick Saban would not win 6 as of right now with this team.

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Y’all just keep on thinking it’s not coaching and preparation. I’ll see you at the press conference…


Least talented roster in the SEC

Yea, and you can’t even address my comments about the talent level. Just back to your same old spin.

Vaham we have enough talent to be winning games. We should have won last night. continuing to say that we can’t win because of the players is a slap in the face to those kids on that team who can’t do anything about the coach they have

Ask Pruitt and Taggart if they have a 4-5 year free pass. You think people are moaning about talent? No. It’s all coaching, just like our problem.

Yea, ignore the stats I pointed out. As far as the kids go , I support them every week with my butt in the seat and with my wallet and will continue to do so. I know how hard they work and am there to cheer them on. So don’t even go there! I don’t know if CCM is the answer, but I do know the talent level has not been equal to our opposition. I sure wish I had your clarity .

Ok man…no problem.

Any fanbase with the supporters and resources we have would feel the exact same way I and the majority of others do.