If CBB stays?

What changes need to be made?

I think Anderson may not be a bad coach but he has presided over a group that is terrible. We have 2-3 OL that have no fight or desire to go to the NFL (They have talent with their high recruiting ranking). Anderson does not have recruiting ties. I don’t think Anderson should catch all the blame because there are players that have more entitlement than heart. Sadly something has to be done and Anderson is the key prospect.

Enos and CBB have to make changes to the Offensive scheme and playcalling.

We need a major JUCO infusion on Oline, Dline, LB and Safety.

2 olineman need to transfer.

If CBB stays it is a shaky situation that will impact new hires and recruits.

What you are describing is essentially a complete rebuild - new offensive scheme, a new coach or two, Juco talent induction at four position groups, etc, etc.

My question back to you - if a rebuild is in order why would the AD trust the guy that screwed up the rebuild to begin with to try it again rather than start over with a new coach?

I think the answer is you don’t.

Anderson is almost certainly gone, IMO. There may be other staff changes as well.

I don’t know that telling a couple of OL guys to transfer benefits us. You’re replacing them with someone with even less experience. Maybe a new OL coach can get them dialed in. I’ve gotten the impression Anderson has been using an NFL coaching approach on people who aren’t ready for that, but that’s third-hand stuff so it could be off the mark. If that is the case, a new teacher might be just what is needed.

Like it or not, our 2017-18 recruiting class is largely set, unless there is a mass exodus. Juco guys are not always ready to contribute right away either. Which is to say, don’t expect a quick fix, no matter who the head coach is on January 1.

If he stays, a lot of people, including myself will stay at the house.

He brings no hope, and will not fill that stadium next year. He had his chance, he did a terrible re-build. Time to try someone who actually has had success in a rebuild, and knows what they are doing. From the sound of his voice in the interview, I don’t even think he wants the job anymore. He was asked about ‘Next season’ in some way in one question, and completely dodged it, said nothing about it. I think he feels defeated, and he is.

But, like Jackson said, why trust a guy who failed at a rebuild, to rebuild the same program he has totally screwed up at?

It was the wrong choice of words to add scheme to the playcalling change. This is long but explains my view. We can’t run because teams are bringing the house and stunting so it is almost impossible to run. Normally you execute a quick passing game to keep the LB’s from blitzing. How did we get here? IMO this is a combination of losing our focus on the type of Oline needed to run Enos’s scheme, Pittman’s last 2 years of signees and CBB hiring a replacement that had no current recruiting relationships.

We started with Pittman’s big Olineman that were road graders but we switched to Enos’s scheme that required pulling lineman and that is not the type of Olineman we had. Do you remember the Texas Tech game in Fayetteville when Enos called plays requiring Kirkland and Tretola pull for screens? We looked terrible on offense until the screens were shut down after a few games.
CBB should have the Oline experience to have recognized this and made changes. Has anyone else noticed that our offense still has a history of damage by delayed blitzes and delayed run support? Other teams use quicker routes for the QB to unload to. Delayed blitzes have killed us under Enos.

Anderson is blamed for the failures in the Oline but he was right to coach technique, because 300-315 lbs OL have to rely on technique to neutralize the superior athlete or size on DLine. CBB is an Oline guru but he seemed to give Pittman and Anderson way too much freedom. I think we have some serious talent failures that choose not to play to their potential and it is killing our oline, offense and team. It is sad because the technique and scheme appear to have been thrown out the window to dumb it down for a few guys. The Oline isn’t comprised of Pittman road graders but we seem to still try to identify as smash mouth yet we also changed SOME of the offensive scheme? We are somewhere in between two offensive schemes.

Our offense is play action Pro Style (a passing game based on establishing the run) with tweaks of wide sets and screens from Enos. Our Oline is so bad the defense doesn’t respect the run SO play action isn’t a threat. Now we have WR’s that can’t get separation which makes it even worse. The LBs blitz = 7 rushing against 5 offensive linemen, we run slow developing play action routes, WR’s can’t get separation, thus AA or CK come under immediate pressure.

Our offense can change the whole dynamic if it can stay on the field and keep the defense from getting way too many snaps. I had hoped we would focus on the TE passing game until the WR’s get their act together. The TE is a quicker route to help reduce pocket time. I think O’Grady or Patton should be split out and have Cantrell block next to the tackle.

Where do we go for the rest of the season? Do we stop the insanity of using our Oline that has been built to stretch out the defense to be smash mouth with play action? CK is tall enough to see the middle of the field better than a majority of QB’s so the middle of the field passing opened up with him…and that opened up some running lanes. I doubt AA is back this week so does CBB and Enos change the play calling to quicker passes? OM is not a strong rush defense so that element could help our run game. We can lick our wounds against Coastal Carolina before LSU.

No he’s not.

An OL ‘guru’ wouldn’t allow his Ol to look like this. He’s just historically had pretty decent OL coaches, he’s a defensive coach, and that’s how he worked his way up the ranks.

No he’s not.

An OL ‘guru’ wouldn’t allow his Ol to look like this. He’s just historically had pretty decent OL coaches, he’s a defensive coach, and that’s how he worked his way up the ranks.

He has a history of putting Olineman into the NFL but your point is correct about his background. He still has enough knowledge that Pittman and Anderson should have been managed differently.

I don’t understand this infatuation with JUCO players that so many posters have. I’m not opposed to bringing in a couple a year, but there are not that many of them out there who are going to give you a ready made player who can come in and make an impact. A lot of them are academically risky and carry a lot of baggage. Even the ones that aren’t, typically need a year to adjust to D-1 ball. No way to build a program. A house built on a foundation of band aids. Anyone thinking we need to bring in a large class of JUCOs needs to watch Last Chance U. East Mississippi has probably been one of the 3 or 4 most talented and successful JUCO programs in the country over the past 8 years. A little research into how well their grads have performed at the next level should tell you everything you need to know about building a program by relying heavily on JUCO’s.

Good thread Hog Treat. Because CBB might survive, and its good to look at things from that angle. I still believe CBB can survive if the Hogs win 4 of the remaining 5. Which seems impossible based on how thy are playing. But the opposition becomes much more beatable.

I think we would have played Auburn much closer with AA at QB. Cole looked overwhelmed at times. Missed some obvious guys breaking free. Of course, the pressure would have been the same…and I am not saying we would have won. But I think the game wouldn’t have gotten out of hand.

You say you doubt AA is back for Ole Miss. Do you know something?

If CBB stays then most of the season ticket holders will leave so the rest really doesn’t matter.

If CBB stays—
and the team finishes 2018 with a 6-6, 7-5, or 8-4… what is the next step??
another year??? or two??

when do we see the predicted break out year??

sorry guys…

5 years…is enough time to show progress…

it is not the scheme–
the lack of talent is so obvious–

I feel for the players…

That’s never going to be the case with me. They’re my team. It’s my school. I don’t care who is coaching, I’m going to support them. Even if I want a change, I’m not going to abandon something I’ve loved for over 50 years. Just not going to. I might miss some games, but it won’t be because of some protest over the coach.

Wonder what it would’ve been like if there was social media during Nutt’s back-to-back losing seasons?

Oh lord. No telling. There were message boards, but no twitter. Facebook was still limited to college kids. But airplanes & banners would’ve been a drop in the bucket.

Wally uh or Richard? You do know we were on probation during that time, don’t you?

It’s Richard and yes I’m fully aware. People still weren’t happy. I’m just asking because social media has taken things to a whole different level.

While social media has taken it to a whole different level, this coach has overseen losing at a whole different level. Nutt was never 10-26. The level of incompetence that has been shown on the field this year is a whole different level.

I urge everyone to listen to Dr. Stephen Heim’s phone call this morning. This man played on a great Hog team and knows what football talent and well coached players look like.


We have to look at reality of Long’s decision, and how the team shows up. Now that Ragnow is out it is even scarier. I don’t have any insider info about AA, but he just started throwing last week. The healing of a shoulder and healing while throwing high velocity passes are 2 different things. That is all I was basing it on.

i’m the same way NE all the way

If you’ll recall, those who were very anti-Nutt (and there weren’t many on the fence) simply waved off the “NCAA cloud” as simply an excuse. Of course, that’s always the way it is with people who want to fire the coach. There are never exigent circumstances or things beyond his control. It’s always his fault. Any attempt to suggest something else might be contributing to a failure is “just an excuse.”