If CBB cares so much about player safety

as I’ve been told, maybe it’s time to sit Austin

Why? I’d bet the team docs said there’s no increased risk for him.

Cuz game over and he’s a sitting target

He can’t move as well as he was previously and the OL is getting completely blown up.

Hahahah really? Kids freaking getting killed, and were getting slaughtered why leave him in

I agree he should come out, but that’s a football decision, not a “caring about player safety” decision. Unless something about his injury increases risk to him personally, it’s just as important to keep his backup safe as it is him. If Ty Storey is less mobile & will also “get killed” you’re making a decision for the team success, not “player safety.” From that standpoint, the walk-on sitting on the bench is just as important as a Heisman trophy candidate.

Neastarkie I love lots of the stuff you bring to the board, We’ll just disagree here, AA is/has been getting the crap beat out of him for most of the year. Time to sit him unless we want Storey going agaianst Florida, LSU Moo St and Missouri and the biowl game if there is one

Why do you say we disagree? Unless you can tell me why AA is at greater risk than his backup for injury–therefore making it a “player safety” issue–it’s only a tactical decision. So far I’ve seen people say we should keep him out because his health is important to the team’s success. I agree with that; he shouldn’t play for THAT reason. Perhaps you believe AA is more vulnerable than Ty is. If so, say so, but so far you’ve just repeated that we should sit him because we don’t want him replaced by Ty Storey.

I would have taken him out earlier.

But I also probably wouldn’t take a snarky shot at a coach - who honestly does care about players.

I might have taken it about the coaching tonight, but not about that.

That’s my view, too. He should’ve come out because we had no chance to win & his health is vital to our chances to win. But CBB’s decision wasn’t due to callousness to safety.

And what would that have said to Ty? It’s not like he was going to to get any quality reps.

We had same discussion when Brandon Allen played Missouri in 2014. Answer then was he was ok to play and he was the best we had. Things are still same now, except we do not have an Austin Allen to put into the game at this time.