If by some chance I get to go to Fayetteville

Friday, what are the chances of getting tickets right before the 1:00 game? No way I can buy any (even if they are available) now as the odds of me getting to go in time for a 1:00 game are slim, but not impossible.

I think Friday is the best chance to get tickets because some people are not going to be able to attend because of work. There were tickets available before the Friday game last year. I don’t know how many, but I remember there being some.

I’m seriously considering skipping work & driving up Friday. Won’t stay for the night cap, but I’d also like to buy a ticket for that one game. I’ve ordered tickets for the Super but didn’t order for the regional.

Seems like there were several thousand empty seats for that Friday afternoon game. Lot of folks can’t get off work, although they will own tickets. How many of those will send their tickets to the park with someone, don’t know. There is a system for getting tickets sold again through the UA ticket office, but I don’t know if it works for an NCAA game. One thing I’ve always noticed, students don’t care as much about the Friday game. They do pour in to the Hog Pen for the Saturday night and Sunday night games.

There are always tickets out front to most every sporting event if you are brave enough to come without tickets — I’ve done it for years and usually but not always get a good deal

Tickets are pretty cheap on stubhub right now for game 1. Especially if you’re just getting a single.

Are you guys still looking for tickets? My wife is going to be unable to use hers tomorrow.

I am, Matt. I plan to drive up tomorrow morning from LR. Should get to Baum around noon.

Check your PM.

Glad NEA could use them, it doesn’t look like I am going to get away in time.