If Burks can't go I say move Rocket out to wide receiver

Da’vion Warren Thompson needs to step up and have big day. Both of him.

While talking about receivers, Knox seems to be stepping up more each game. I can see him as hybird TE giving some teams real matchup problems. I guess he is now.


With 15#-20# in added good weight, he could wreck havoc.

My only knock on Green at this point is his RB vision isn’t quite as developed as Smith, Johnson, Sanders. I think he’ll get there but it’s gonna be next season. Glad we have such a capable stable of RBs.

I think it is. he just hasn’t had the opportunity to show it. They think he’s good enough to return kicks that should tell you he must have some elusiveness about him. Time will tell, but I think if he got 15 to 20 carries a game he would be very dangerous with his speed

Hard to get all these guys the reps they need/deserve. I’m super impressed with Sanders’ vision for someone so young and that didn’t play RB in HS. Some folks just gifted that way.

That is what I think we will see. Dude is a playmaker and gets our best players on the field. DJ and Green can share the carries.


Burks is playing and Rocket is staying at TB

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I am very glad Burks is ok. Even past playing and getting to watch him one more game, I am worried about his overall health. That man has a lot of money waiting on him. I was thinking we might lose him to concussion protocol even if he wasn’t too banged up.

Great that’s exactly what I was hoping we would be able to do. I want to see Burks go out in great fashion.

I wonder if they will do a little experimenting with Sanders at WR in bowl practices, especially if Burks does the future first rounder thing and opts not to play in the bowl game.

Remember the failed trick double pass play with Burks throwing the second pass? No reason not to try that again, and again, and again. Plus, put in Hornsby one time and instruct him to throw a long bomb. No one would ever expect that. Last game, against Missouri–let’s have loads of fun!!!

OK, but winning the game will be the most fun.


Enjoyed reading all the post on this topic, wonderful to read positive opinions about the depth and options and optimism directed toward different players. We have different options to fill in for Burks but no one can replace TB at this time as he’s in a league of his own. Hope everyone is healthy and ready to play because I want this win against Mizzou in the worst way !! WPS

We may never see another Burks again. The guy has a chance to be an NFL HOFer with his skill set.

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