If Burks can't go I say move Rocket out to wide receiver

I would hate to see Burks miss his last home game but if worse comes to worse I would love to see us move Rocket out and let’s get the ball to him the same way. You saw the incredible catch he made in the end zone and he has the burst that we need to make big plays… probably won’t happen but that’s what I would love to see.


Actually not a bad idea. How tall is Rocket?

We need to do something., IMO our backs can get unhappy with playing very little.

Anybody worried our RB will transfer??

One of the RB have entered the portal already. The track star his last name starts with an “O”. I can’t remember his name but he is fast.

Josh Oglesby.

That’s the one. Crowded RB room.

It is interesting that we played four RBs yesterday, with Johnson and Sanders playing before Smith did and Smith was the starter at the beginning of the season. He still has a burst, but Johnson is just playing so well now and Sanders is big and fast. Green might be the fastest of all of them though, but not showing up on campus until June didn’t help him. I suspect that if all of them hang around for 2022 that he will see a lot more touches. I would love to see him get more kick returns, but the new rules reduce the number that are actually tried.

I think Rocket is about 6’2 but he is had plenty of time at wide receiver in high school. We wouldn’t be able to give him but three or four good routes he could run I would like to see him try. I would much rather have Burks out there but this is just in case

I hope we use Ketron Jackson, he looks so impressive, runs so well. seems like a real threat, just one we havent used in 8 games.


Yeah I never have understood why we haven’t gotten the ball to Jackson more… I think he could have a bright future.

I’m glad we’ve got all those backs as we get ready to play the 12th game of the year on a short week. Green’s fresh legs gave us a little juice late in the game.

AJ Green to me is the most talented back we have. He had some ball security issues early but this kid runs incredibly hard for 200 lb and is the fastest back we have… I would really like to see him get more carries


I think there is a strong possibility he moves to slot receiver next year and is used like Treylon is now.


I think that would be a very good move!you saw him split out yesterday and make that great catch in the end zone. He knows how to play receiver already.

I think there were some issues with Rocket’s route running early in camp. He’s been a plus at RB. I think one of the main reasons he might move is because of how many WRs will need to be replaced.

He may end up with more of a Burks role next year, where he sets up or motions in as an RB from time to time.


It’s a short week to begin with, I don’t see that happening. It’s not as simple as “just move him to wide out.” I know he was at receiver earlier but still…

Yeah I know it’s a short week,they felt comfortable enough to put him out there at WR yesterday in a huge game like that and made that great catch in the end zone

I think he’s more than capable of adding a couple more routes, not rocket science, pardon the pun, he’s played receiver his whole life.

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I am not sure about Rocket going out to WR this Friday…but next season…unless he straight up is #1 on the depth chart…I would move him to the Burks spot. I personally think that AJ…with a spring and a fall camp…will prove to be an absolute stud. I could be wrong. But that’s my thought. In the spirit of getting your best 11 on the field…I would play Rocket at the Burks position and maybe maintain some reps at RB.

AJ Green IMO is the best running back we have, he is an absolute beast… runs very very hard and is the fastest back we have,he just needs to take care of the ball better and be given the ball,he’ll take care of the rest…

I totally agree about moving rocket out to WR next year, he needs a ball in his hands and open space and he will take care of the rest!!

I expect Burks to be fine Friday… I was just thinking just in case type situation with Rocket this week


I pretty sure Rocket didn’t play WR against Alabama. He played RB, and split wide on occasion…… thus matching up against a LB instead of a DB.

I like your idea of getting him the ball, but (especially at this point in the season) if we get him the ball as a receiver, it will likely come from the RB position…. even if we split him wide again.

Point taken, though…. get him the ball in space.

They split him out wide on the touchdown pass in the end zone . Why I called him a wide receiver on the play. Either way he ran a good route and made a great catch so we know he can play receiver.