If Beating Bama

Meant that we would be sending Ole Miss to Atlanta for the SECG, would you still want to do it? I probably would, but man. That would sure take a lot of fun out of what would otherwise be a great day. Sure hope someone, anyone, steps up and beats the rebelious ones.

It would also mean a serious upgrade in a bowl trip. What you do in November is important. Beating Alabama in November would be huge for a lot of reasons, one of which might be recruiting.

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Yes, but… Think about what that would do for Ole Miss’s recruiting. I just hope it doesn’t come down to that, and I don’t think it will.

I would assume we would want our team to win every game.


Ole Miss will likely lose two games so it will be unlikely in my opinion. (LSU, TAM, Auburn, Vandy,& Miss State remain. They have Auburn and MSU left on road. Non conference gamel is Liberty (Freeze returns). Corral cannot run like he did at Tenn without getting injured and four offensive starters have to get back to help keep the offense alive. Defense will likely wilt like ours has after playing that run of teams.

LOL! You would think, but don’t underestimate some of our fan’s hatred of Ole Miss! It was not automatic for me. I really enjoy the fact that OM has never played in the SECCG and I’d really like to keep it that way!

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Absolutely……I would rather lose to Bama if it helps Ole Miss.

I don’t think you have much to worry about. Maybe we play a lot of second teamers and a few third stringers. Play our starters the fourth quarter. Maybe by then Bama will be playing mostly second and third stringers. We need to beat Missouri. I am at least somewhat serious, unless we are 7-3 then we play them for a huge upset.

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I would want to beat any opponent no matter how it would any other team
Maybe not if it was Texas!

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As a Hawg fan, I want my team to beat whoever they are playing. I respect other programs and coaches but I only have one team that I invest my time and $ in so I want them to be successful.


Eaglehog, great answer. I could not have said it any better. I root for Arkansas and whoever is playing Ole Miss.

I hate Ole Miss, but I like winning more. If/when we lose to Bama and it keeps OM from going to Atlanta, that will be a nice consolation prize. But I’d rather beat Saban. Losing to Bama to deny OM would be cutting off our nose to spite our face.


Excuse me for being blunt but is this really a serious question???

I could NEVER, under ANY CIRCUMSTANCE, feel good about losing


My son will be 15 in February.

He was in his mother’s womb the last time we beat Alabama.

Is this a serious question?!?

I don’t know what qualifies as a serious question, but it is something that crossed my mind yesterday. I detest Ole Miss. I just hate the thought of them going to Atlanta for any reason other than being mugged outside a MARTA station. I thought about the exhilaration of beating Bama, and then thought what if beating them puts Ole Miss in the SECCG? How would I feel? I would feel very conflicted and I wondered if anyone else felt that way. For the record, I will never root against my beloved Hogs.

OM in my opinion will have the upper hand in the Championship game if they get there. There’s no doubt they will be the most rested team in the Sec by then as they spend a lot of time laying on the field especially on defense!! I want the Hogs to win them all. WPS


Eagle, I don’t want to pick a fight with you, but anyone that would feel “very conflicted” by beating Bama might seek out some serious professional help. I can assure you there is not one single Aggie fan that feels “very conflicted” about beating them.

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No, but no Aggie to this point, has been in this situation. If, in a few years, an Aggie win over Bama would put Texass in the SECCG, I can assure you that there would be some conflicted Aggies.

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Speaking of conflicted. Just imagine how poor Marc Curles and his robbin crew will feel, if they have to work the OM/Aubrun game.

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