If Beard is a long shot

Or not a done deal. ‘They’ need to do a major reboot on plans B-rest of the alphabet. Because it’s terrible.
That’s based on names mentioned. JMHO.

There is one other name out there that I would like to float. Mike Anderson. He’s available and maybe even pre-paid. Of course this would involve our wet behind the ears AD learning to develop a taste for humble pie and trusting that Mike is as good a man as many of us believe him to be. To err is human, to forgive divine.

Let it go

No AD would ever swallow that much pride.
Hunter knows he better get it right or get lucky and it turns out right.
He better remind himself how & why he got this job.

I will always be a big Mike Anderson fan. I’ll be forever grateful that he elevated our program over the past 8 years. He’s a great person, but not a great coach. Certainly not a great recruiter. It was time for a change if the goal for the program is to become elite again.

I believe the two basic elements of coaching are 1) coaching (teaching the game, implementing a certain culture, managing a game, developing a player, etc.) and 2) recruiting. If you are very good-to-elite at one or the other, you can have tons of success. If you are very good-to-elite at both, you will become consistently a top 10 program. (I think the notion, as has been mentioned by a few on this board, that all you need is great players is a very flawed argument. Elite coaches with good talent often beat average coaches with great talent… see the '83 title game). But if you are, at best, only “good” at both, you will have a ceiling to your program that might get you fired after 8 years.

I hope Beard is our next coach. I see him as an elite coach. I don’t know how elite of a recruiter he is, merely because I don’t follow it closely enough to even have an opinion. But I do recognize someone who can flat coach this game. He can. But, lots of others can too. You just have to find them, much like TT did a few years ago.

To the point of the OP… I agree. If Beard is not the guy, I hope HY has someone in mind that hasn’t been talked about much here so far. I have no idea who that might be. Nor do I have an idea if HY is an elite recruiter himself. But, at this point, no reason to fret. Truth is, we are not even a top 20 program right now. We can be… and even better than top 20. But it will take an elite coach to take us there. So, offer Beard the best offer possible (if that is indeed HY’s plan) and take your chances. Big deal if he says no. He sure not going to be your next coach if you DON’T ask. Then, if necessary, identify who the next “Chris Beard” is and go get him.

In any event, however this coaching search plays out… it was time for Anderson to go. You will never win the Kentucky Derby with a quarter horse.

Reading your post raised my curiosity, what triggered you becoming a fan of Mike?

PJ, CMA has always been very cordial to me in the interactions I’ve had with him. Very engaging to me, and more so to my kids. My son (11) was very upset when he learned of the firing, just because he highly respects Coach. Friends who have had even more personal interaction with Coach than me have confirmed my thoughts. He’s a great guy. I respect that 8 years ago he left a better program (at the time) for a worse one. No doubt he elevated us from where we were.

Might be the only time anyone referred to Jim Valvano as an elite coach. Better than Guy V? Yeah.

Swine, even if Valvano isn’t considered by most to have been an elite coach, he certainly was elite for that tourney run. In any event, the fact that he beat an elite recruiter who was an average (at best) coach more than emphasizes my point: coaches that can coach often beat coaches that can’t.

Thanks for the answer. Makes sense.

No argument there. Jimmy V outcoached Lewis that night in every way possible. But NCSU got every conceivable break for three weeks that March. Pepperdine had them absolutely dead in the first round – 6-point lead with 24 seconds left in overtime, without a 3-point line, and lost. Last-second tip-in to beat UNLV by 1 in the second round. Beat Ralph Sampson and UVa in the regional finals when the Cavaliers bricked a last-second shot. It’s like some higher power wanted the Wolfpack to win.