If bb goes 5-7

What’s the percentage long fires him Jan 1 and pays the $7 mill buyout?

Zero…my prediction is Long will eventually leave for another AD job, conference commissioner or some executive spot at NCAA and leave it for someone else to fix…

$11.7 million, not $7.

It would likely take a booster willing to just give that money for that sole purpose.

The buyout details:


Then he’s here for 17 and 18

Does the contract dictate how a buyout would have to be paid - lump sum, installments, etc?

Monthly payments that would total around $4 million a year.

Would certainly cut into the bottom line as this story from Forbes in 2014 went over

https://www.forbes.com/sites/chrissmith … 4f91d156eb

Dudley, do you think a sub-.500 season should get him fired?

Regardless of buyout, I think he will and should get another year and if he goes 5-7 this year, he will definitely be on a very hot seat next year. I think the recruiting is picking up the last couple of years and want to see it play out.

This is exactly the same thing that was said last year. Eventually he is going to run out of “next years”.

Right, yea understand and that is why it is always a tough decision and the question of when. The bottom line is that you have to look in terms of which coaches are you going to go after and what type of scheme they will run or what type of scheme do you want. Regardless of this, you always have the issue of Arkansas high school talent…so it takes time to build those relationships and recruit nationwide. So let’s say you bring in a young coach and change offensive schemes, then you have to go recruit those type of kids and it takes 3-4 years to get back to where you are now.

Not the way the contract is set up - which is like the other schools in the SE C West.

If you had to pay $4 million a year for 3 years ($11.7 million total) to buy out a coach and then pay the new one $4 million a year as well (the going rate in the SEC West), it doesn’t sound like a sound business decision to me.

I can’t see you giving away over half your profit margin when the rest of the money covers about 16 other sports (all except men’s basketball and baseball) at the University of Arkansas.

But the seat would be a flaming inferno if Arkansas doesn’t make a bowl game and once it got down to $7 million I could see that happening.

I’m great with telling somebody else how to spend their money, but I am very frugal with mine.

I can think of a RF in Miami and a 3B in Baltimore that I think DeWitt should spend his money on.

It’s been my position for the last couple of years that Jeff Long could also be on the hot seat if CBB does not turn things around. The huge buy out in the contract falls at his feet (even if others approved). Long (as stated earlier) could find great employment elsewhere. It can get ugly soon for both if things continue to spin downward.

I hope both are here for years. That is the best scenario. IMO

With that buyout we are stuck with Coach B for at least two years.

So let’s drop all the “fire now” talk because it is never going to happen, plain and simple. It’s a fact, take it to the bank,

Now, if he has three straight bad years, we can let him go after the 2019 season.

We best spend our malcontent energies in firing assistants talk or coming up with suggestions for the Head Coach.

Not buying it… can’t sell hope if Hogs have a losing season. 5-7 or worse he will be out the door.

Thanks, Dudley. I thought the buyout for CBB was pretty typical of SEC West teams. It’s the going rate that the next coach likely will get as well.

I can’t see Long making the business decision to pay that buyout (unless of course there’s someone willing to pony up that amount of money). Particularly at a time when he is using finances as the compelling reason for moving all the games to Fayetteville. I just don’t see that going over real well.

What I could see though as BB finding another job, much as he did when employed at Wisconsin. He’s young, runs a clean program and presumably wants to coach for a while. If he sees the handwriting on the wall here, would he look elsewhere rather than riding out the final year(s) here just waiting on a buyout? He would owe the UA $3 Million if he left to go to another job (decreases to $250K over time). I could see the UA forgiving that buyout money before I could see them paying him millions to leave. Don’t know if that scenario is realistic or not, but we are rapidly approaching the point of no return with BB so something may have to give.

for jeff long to take another job, someone will have to want to hire him and pay him, Board of Regents. oh my goodness.


Will never happen. Arkansas will never buy out an $11 million contract. That said, I think Bielema and Hogs will prevent all that talk and finish their usual 7-5 with some big wins and disappointing losses a la yesterday. I have always been a supporter and believed he was building this program the right way — but I’m wondering after yesterday.