If Barford ever puts together a whole game

Look out. He’s putting up decent numbers by having one great half and one invisible half. I know he has it in him I think it’s coming. Hopefully when we need it the most. Gainesville or Columbia or even Stillwater would be a great place to see it happen.

Would love to see these guys all get hot, can you imagine Barford, Hannahs, Macon, Beard, and Watkins all get hot to finish the season! Add in Kingsley and Cook with Thompson and Thomas playing their roles, and this team could do some marching! Keep taking it one game at a time and lose those 5 to 8 min. a game of slack D and too many offensive passes and this team can take down Kentuckys, Kansass and louisvilles in the dance!! But one game at a time is the way!!! WPS!!!

I don’t think that is how he or this team will ever work. Dusty, Macon and Barford are high volume shooters to get going, but there isn’t enough attempts for all of them, so it goes to the hot player, which was Barford the first half, Dustin down the stretch. We will always feed the guy that’s clicking, but to expect Barford to click all the time, would mean no one else would get any shots, i.e. carmelo anthony. We just 2 of our top 4 scorers to be clicking at some point in the game. If 3 of the 4 have an off night, we won’t win.

Sometimes it’s about the focus by the other team. When you try to shut down someone else, a leak pops somewhere else.

And Macon looked frustrated most of the game from not getting his usual shot volume.

It’s not just about one guy or everybody putting together a whole game shooting well, it’s about everybody finding a different way to help get the win in the flow of the game

Although it would be nice if everyone was in the zone shooting it, its more about creating rhythm in how the defense is playing and who is getting the best looks.

We wouldn’t have needed that comeback if we had more than 6 assists. But you can literally see this team learn from mistakes and figure out improvements with every game.

Comments: I hope you are wrong regarding your assessment on the guards you mentioned above. Actually I disagree with your assessment unless you have data on Barford and Macon attempts while playing Juco basketball. I agree with the other poster as it relates to Barford and Mancon they are beginning to get acclimated to D1 play, specifically the speed of the game I believe it’s all coming together

That ole saying it takes a full season for Jucos to get fully acclimated to D-1 ball doesn’t apply here with Barford and Macon I don’t think. They took over starting positions from the jump and the adjustment may still be in progress, but they are actually playing at a level as good or better than a lot of 2-3 year D-1 players across the land, especially Macon. Barford is getting there as well. Needs a little more confidence and learning to adjust when opponents adjust the D on him, hence 2nd half woes. Not worried about that with him he’ll get there quickly.

Agree. And I am happy to say that in spite of the success of these JUCO transfers at their former schools, I do not see a lot of signs of “ball-hogging” (not uncommon with such incoming credentials), which means that when/if the opponents defense adjusts to stop a hot streak, someone else will be more open. I like the teamwork that I have seen with little or no finger pointing when things go “South” for a period. Coming back like they did on the road at Vandy is HUGH for the confidence of this team, and I am excited by the upside potential (including the continued development of the transfers that you have mentioned).

Right, this team has times it goes down and passes the ball too many times in which ends up passing open shots to force bad ones or bad passes! This happened for several minutes in the Miss.St., A&M, and Vandy games! If they can get away from that and stay in attack mode they will become a very good to great team! They have fell behind in those games and fought back in all of them being in attack mode and taking over end of game rebounds! Miss ST would have been a win too but they had two guys hit late 3s with guys right in their face deep, but the hogs still came from what looked like a blowout at home to make it anyones game with 2 min left and ended up losing by 6 against a team I still say can make this dance on the bubble or make a final four in the NIT, if not win the NIT by then!!! This is a good conference and deserves at least 5 teams in the dance and I dont care what anyone says! You can have 3 more like a Bamma, Tenn, Miss St, Georgia, and Vandy and even Auburn if they were to go on a 5 or 6 game run here! Im calling one of the 1st 3 in the dance and 3 of the others in the NIT!!!